The original four girls from 16 & Pregnant – Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham – return with

By Lanford Beard
Updated March 23, 2015 11:05 PM
Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty

The times have changed, but have the OGs?

More than five years have passed since America met Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham – girls whose great expectations were put on hold when they learned they were expecting.

The breakout stars of MTV’s Teen Mom may not be teens anymore – and clearly a lot about the world around them has moved forward (gone is 16 & Pregnant‘s spiral notebook graphic between segments, in its place a shiny new iPad) – but the drama in their lives remains remarkably consistent.

Then again, these young women never really had “teen” problems in the first place, did they?

Read on for highlights from the premiere episode of Teen Mom OG (including senior superlatives, for old times’ sake):

Most Improved: Catelynn

Catelynn began this new chapter much like the previous one: pregnant. Only, the circumstances are very different with this pregnancy. After she and fiancé Tyler went through a the emotional upheaval of giving up their daughter for adoption, coping with their dysfunctional parents’ abusive relationship, participating in VH1’s Couples Therapy and a briefly breaking off their engagement, the high school sweethearts are finally ready (and thrilled!) to become parents – and, eventually, husband and wife – on their own terms. Whether everyone else will ever agree to those terms is another matter entirely.

Most Likely to Succeed: Maci

Always the most mature of the Moms, Maci continued (and, we suspect, will always be forced) to struggle with her baby’s selfish father, Ryan. Between Ryan rejecting her attempts at grown-up communication to her adorably willful son Bentley refusing to go to sleep, Maci is learning patience and life skills most people take decades to develop. Amid all this, she managed to find a live-in boyfriend who seemed supportive and level-headed. You’re going places, kid.

Cutest Kid: Amber

Though she seemed to cling to the past the most of the OGs, Amber has undeniably overcome more than any of the others. It’s no surprise since she spent much of the last five years battling substance abuse and/or serving prison time for crimes related to her addiction. Though her relationship with ex Gary has clearly improved immensely, the end of the episode saw her wistful at realizing they’ll probably never be romantic partners again. It was also worrying when she admitted after a confrontation with her mother that she was tempted to take drugs again, but, for now, Amber is clean, free and grateful – that’s worth celebrating. Moreover, Amber and Gary’s daughter Leah seems to be the sweetest, happiest kid in the bunch. We could spend hours watching her run around in her little black tutu.

Biggest Drama Queen: Farrah

Though she only appeared in the OG premiere via a Couples Therapy reunion clip, Farrah’s surprise return will definitely be the button-pushing jolt the show needs. Even generally sweet, down-to-earth Catelynn called Farrah a “whackjob” and laid into her about exposing her daughter Sophia to the adult film world. Farrah’s tears revealed that she clearly isn’t 100 percent okay with the choices she’s made, and we’re interested to see how she defends those choices when met with a hostile reception from the other Moms.

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays (10 p.m. ET) on MTV.