After admitting he has "no strength left," Tyler's wife, Catelynn, surprises him with a couple's trip

By Alexia Fernández
May 07, 2017 07:30 PM

Sunday night’s episode of Teen Mom OG revealed how each of the moms are handling big and personal changes in their lives.


After Tyler Baltierra admitted he had “no strength left” on the series’ premiere, his wife, Catelynn surprised him with a couple’s trip just for them to Jackson, Wyoming.

After taking a trip through the snow-covered forests in a snowmobile and a visit to the hot springs, Catelynn and Tyler relaxed and took the time to discuss their relationship. In their cabin, Catelynn suggested date nights for the couple, as Tyler agreed and also suggested improving how they communicate with one another — especially when it comes to Catelynn’s insecurities about their relationship.

“So, what do you need from me, not to be so sensitive?” she asked him.

“I guess what I need from you is to be more receptive about things,” he said. “Do you, wholeheartedly, in your soul, believe that I am not going to leave you? How can I prove more that I’m not going to leave, you know? It’s crazy.”


When it came to Maci‘s concerns that Ryan never takes responsibility, it seems he might be proving her wrong after planning to propose to his girlfriend, Mackenzie.

“She just goes out of her way to help everybody. She’s just very sincere … I don’t know how to explain it really,” he told an MTV producer on the episode.

Credit: MTV

Ryan proposed to her on a riverboat they both loved, where he got down on one knee and asked her if she’d marry him, to which she replied with an emphatic, “Yes.”

In a funny moment with Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry, Mackenzie recalled the first time she met his parents, telling Ryan at the time, “I don’t think your mom likes me.” Mackenzie said Ryan’s response was a simple, “Oh, don’t worry about it, they come and go so fast that she doesn’t get attached,” prompting her hilarious response: “Well, s—, start the timer!”

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Meanwhile, Amber struggled with her frustration that she doesn’t have Leah time as much as she wants. After spending the day with Leah picking out a Christmas tree and decorating it, Amber prepared to drop her daughter off at Gary’s home.

Credit: MTV

Asking Leah if she would make her a Christmas tree ornament, Leah said she’d rather bring the one she made for Gary to Amber’s house the following year for Christmas.

Despite trying to keep as many mementos from her daughter’s childhood, Amber broke down in the car, feeling as thought she wasn’t getting a fair share of Leah’s time.

“The whole thing with the ornaments and stuff … I just wish it was different,” a tearful Amber told her fiancé, Matt.

“My mom still has our ornaments and they’re getting all of her school stuff she makes and I get nothing,” she continued. “It’s just really starting to bother me.”


After telling her dad that she was moving to San Diego, Farrah began house hunting with her ex, Simon, who tried to help her find an appropriate home that could hold her daughter’s new pony without neighbors interfering.

Despite being broken up, Farrah decided she’d like to remain friends with Simon, but that didn’t stop her from flaunting her new ring (conveniently placed on her engagement finger) in his face.

Credit: MTV

Farrah previously told PEOPLE that the relationship with Simon just didn’t work for the couple.

“I dedicated some time to him and I think I just need to move on,” she said. “I’m used to having boyfriends doing press and bad stuff to me in the past, but if he wants to comment, he should keep it supportive and he could have a friend.”

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