Teen Mom's Amber Portwood Has Belgian Boyfriend Take Lie Detector Test After Relationship Leaked

Amber Portwood had her new Belgian boyfriend, Dimitri, take a lie detector test after news of their relationship leaked online

amber portwood
Amber Portwood, her boyfriend Dimitri. Photo: mtv

Amber Portwood's relationship with her new boyfriend, Dimitri, is already hitting rocky waters.

The MTV star asked her Belgian beau to take a lie detector test on Tuesday night's episode of Teen Mom OG after news of their relationship leaked online.

"So, you know I've horrible trust issues because I've been hit with f—— s— so hard I was like, 'Holy crap, I was naive,' " Portwood, 29, told Dimitri, 39, during the episode. "And I would like you to do a lie detector test. Just to show me I'm not wasting my time with you."

Dimitri nodded and said, "Yes. It's okay."

"I just want to know that you're here for me and the loyalty and honesty and the trust from whoever I'm with," she said. "It's going to be hurtful if I find anything out in the future."

Portwood previously had her ex-boyfriend Matt take a lie detector test, which alleged he had made sexual advances at other women.

When the MTV star and Dimitri made an appointment, they met Marvin, a practitioner hired to perform the test, who asked Portwood what she wanted to gain out of the experience.

"I just want to make sure he's here for the right reasons, that he's here for me, he's in the country for me," the mom of two said.

Marvin added, "In other words, is he looking for an American wife?" to which she replied, "Exactly."

Dimitri passed the test, showing he had not deceived Portwood by profiting from their relationship or wanting her for her wealth.

MTV's Teen Mom/Youtube
Amber Portwood meeting Dimitri on Teen Mom OG. MTV's Teen Mom/Youtube

Back at Portwood's rental home, she admitted, "I just thought I could never be loved."

"I love you just for you," Dimitri told her. Portwood said it was "hard for me to accept you do love me, for some reason."

"I know it sounds weird," she said. "In my mind, it's like, 'Why?' and then you start to think, 'Why didn't this person love me? Why didn't that person love me?'"

As she began to cry, she explained, "I've been the same toward every f—— man. Right when they f— up and start doing crazy s—, I'm the psycho."

"So to have someone who is actually honest and truthful, I can finally just be this way and not worry about someone trying to take my money or using me for fame," Portwood added. "It's pretty intense right now. I've been waiting for this for a really, really long time."

Dimitri comforted her as she said, "I'm so happy I found you."

Speaking to PEOPLE in late March, Portwood said she and Dimitri are "still talking."

"He's in Belgium. The coronavirus is obviously a big reason [we can't see each other], and that's okay because a lot of couples at the moment who are still in the same state have to do this," she acknowledged.

Portwood is a mom to two children: 11-year-old daughter Leah, whom she shares with ex Gary Shirley, and 1-year-old son James, whom she shares with ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays (8 p.m. ET) on MTV.

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