The mom of three also opened up about whether she would return to MTV
Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans may not be filming Teen Mom 2 anymore, but she hasn’t quite escaped the spotlight.

The reality star and mom of three recently opened up about how she copes with online criticism, admitting that it has taken a toll on her mental health.

“Oh, yeah,” she said on the Dumb Blonde podcast when asked if Twitter trolls have caused her to suffer from anxiety or depression. “Definitely.”

“And a lot lately, because since I’ve been off TV, it seems like everyone is wanting to know about my life 10 times harder,” she said. “I’m just sitting here like, doing what I want to do and trying to lay low. And it’s not working out, because everyone is trying to dig.”

“Sometimes it’s bad. Sometimes it gets to you really bad,” she continued. “You’ve just got to ignore all of it and you literally just have to put down your phone and focus on something else.”

Evans, 28, was fired from Teen Mom 2 last May after her husband David Eason shot and killed their family dog for biting their 3-year-old daughter Ensley in the face. MTV had already fired Eason, 31, in 2018 over an alleged homophobic rant on Twitter.

Jenelle Evans, David Eason
Credit: Nancy Rivera/GC Images; Brian Ach/Getty Images

On Dumb Blonde, Evans reflected on what life has been like without the MTV cameras that had followed her around for the last decade. (She made her debut on season 2 of 16 and Pregnant in 2010.)

“It’s been nice,” she said. “I mean, I’ve been basically doing what I want, and for once making my own schedule and picking and choosing if I want to do something or if I don’t. I’m not forced into anything or forced to talk about anything I don’t want to talk about.”

And while her MTV contract will officially come to an end this April, Evans said she hasn’t ruled out a return to the network — though she has some conditions.

“I will do MTV stuff, but I don’t want to do it under the Teen Mom name anymore. I want to be my own person, do my own thing. I want to be known as Jenelle Eason, not Jenelle Eason from Teen Mom,” she said. “I’ve grown up, I’m 28 — I’m almost 30!”

Overall, she said her experience with the franchise was both positive and negative.

“I think it’s always back and forth,” she said. “Because you can get opportunities from it or you can get denied opportunities. It all depends on their opinion of you.”

Last fall, five months after the dead dog scandal caused her to temporarily lose custody of her children, Evans announced her plans to separate from Eason. In an Oct. 31 Instagram post, she said she and her children had moved out of the house she shared with Eason in North Carolina.

“The kids and I have moved away from David,” she said. “Nobody gets into a marriage expecting it to end but I know that’s what is best for me, and for my kids. Today I have filed papers to start that process.”

The reality star — who also mom to son Jace, 10, with ex Andrew Lewis and son Kaiser, 5, with ex Nathan Griffith — has since relocated to Nashville, Tennessee. Though she and Eason have been spotted spending time together, Evans has denied that they are back on romantically.