Aliannah may have to have surgery to correct problems in her eyes, Leah finds out during a doctor's visit

It’s another emotional blow for Leah when she takes her twins to the eye doctor on Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom 2, which airs (10 p.m. ET) on MTV.

One of Leah’s babies, Aliannah, already had an upsetting visit to find out why she is developing most slowly than her sister, Aleeah.

After not reaching the babies’ dad, Corey, Leah calls her mom Dawn to discuss the news she’d just received.

“He told me that he was going to put glasses on her and we would see how it went within the four months,” Leah says on the phone. “And if it wasn’t good within four months, he was going to do surgery or something like that.”

“Surgery to correct what?” Dawn asks.

“The crossing of her eyes,” Leah says, becoming more emotional. “And he said normally if anything’s wrong in her spine then it won’t cause any problems to her eye. He said if something’s wrong and it causes problems with her eye … then it’s in her brain.”