Go Inside the Rocky Road to Divorce for 'Teen Mom' 's Leah Calvert

Despite another fight and the threat of divorce, Leah still wants to fight for her marriage


Leah Calvert and her estranged husband Jeremy have been fighting for weeks on Teen Mom 2, but it looks like their sparring has finally reached its final round.

In an exclusive clip from Thursday’s episode, after Leah reveals her husband hasn’t been home for weeks, Jeremy says in the midst of a heated argument: “I’m filing for divorce. I’m not f—ing around this time.”

Even though Jeremy ultimately did follow through on his threat to file for divorce, Leah still clings to hope that the pair can work things out: “He does it all the time,” she tells her friend Amber. “I can’t tell you how many times he’s thrown his ring in my face.”

But Leah’s spending and the couple’s dwindling bank account aren’t the only issues that concern the mom of three. “I have anxiety, I have depression [and] that’s an issue. That is,” she confides.

And despite Amber’s worry that Jeremy has “taken pieces” of her friend, Leah doesn’t want to throw in the towel on her second marriage.

“I don’t think we should get a divorce, but I think each of us needs time. Like, he needs to get help, and I need to get help,” she says.

As for the reason why Leah is so determined to try and stick it out with Jeremy, it’s simple: “Because I love him.”

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