'Teen Mom 2' 's Kailyn Lowry Opens Up About Her Emotional Miscarriage: 'There Were a Lot of Tears and Freaking Out'

"I don't know if I'm ready to watch it [on TV]," the MTV star tells PEOPLE

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For Kailyn Lowry, the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 was the most emotional one she’s filmed so far.

From enduring a tragic miscarriage to finding out her husband, Javi Marroquin, had been redeployed, the MTV star was pushed to her limit. Now, Lowry is opening up to PEOPLE about how she overcame the heartbreaking losses – and how she’s bracing herself to relive it all again when season 7 premieres Monday.

“MTV and the producers were very sensitive to the situation and just understood that I wasn’t necessarily ready to talk about it as soon as it happened,” Lowry, 24, says of how everything unfolded when she suffered a miscarriage a little under six months ago. “They kind of just gave me my time to grieve, and when I was ready and felt like I was comfortable talking about it, I did.”

As for how she feels about having such a personal experience being play out on national television, the reality star says knowing that she might be able to help others going through a similar situation has been huge for her.

“I know that there are people that are going to talk about it, but I think at the end of the day I’m going to help more people by [being open] about it, so that’s what kind of keeps me going through the whole thing,” she says.

And since the season trailer was released last month, revealing Lowry’s devastating loss, she’s already been flooded with support.

“I’ve had a ton of people … saying that they can relate, they’ve been through it,” she says. “Even ones that can’t relate, you know, they’re just very sympathetic towards the situation.”

While working to overcome the experience hasn’t been easy, Lowry is doing her best.

“I like to think that everything kind of happened for a reason – I’m not really sure what the reason was yet for that, but I’m just constantly reminding myself that there was a reason why this happened,” she said. “So, I don’t know, I guess we’ll see how everything plays out when I rewatch it.”

Lowry says watching it all play out again when the show airs will be “especially emotional” because her best friend, who found out she was pregnant at around the same time, is still expecting.

“It was really hard to actually have a conversation with her about it ’cause she’s pregnant, so that’s a theme in the show,” Lowry says. “I’m super nervous about that, and I don’t know if I’m ready to watch it or what will happen when I do watch it. We’ll see.”

The reality star also reveals that her oldest son Isaac, 6, with ex Jo Rivera, is aware of the situation: “It was crazy the way it happened – like when I realized what was happening, there were a lot of tears and freaking out, and Isaac didn’t understand and then we kind of told him because he walked in on the whole thing.”

Lowry also opens up about Marroquin going back to the military, which she says “takes an emotional toll on him and us as a family.”

“It gets tough,” she says. “I think that you’ll see some parts of it being hard, and it’s emotional, and there are some happy parts, like [we’re] trying to stay positive through everything.”

Lowry is taking care of Isaac and Lincoln, her 2-year-old son with Marroquin, while her husband remains on a six-month deployment. The two make things work by communicating via FaceTime “almost every day.”


“It can make or break a relationship,” Lowry admits, though she says things between the two are “good” right now: “We’re handling it the best way that we can, so I have no worries or anything.”

Things are also going well with her ex Rivera when it comes to co-parenting Isaac, and Lowry has actually developed a close friendship with Rivera’s girlfriend Vee Torres.

“It’s so funny because my friends from school, they don’t understand how I could be friends with my son’s father’s girlfriend,” she says. “But Isaac will probably go to college, he’s going to start a family, we’re all going to want to be involved. I look back when I was [in my teens], and I’m like, why did it take this long to get where we are? We’re all friends and it’s just awesome.”


And while she definitely hopes to have a third child in the future, right now she’s working towards her Bachelor’s degree with plans to graduate in December, hoping to eventually get on the other side of the camera and produce television.

“I’m just in such a good place right now,” she says. “I really just hope that people see how much I’m trying to grow and mature as a person and as a mom. So I’m hoping that shows on the show, and I’m hoping that I see it in myself.”

Teen Mom 2 season 7 premieres Monday at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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