Jenelle Evans tells PEOPLE that she was upset MTV aired her marital tension with new husband, David Eason

After threatening to quit Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans isn’t backing down.

The mother of three tells PEOPLE that she couldn’t stop crying after watching Monday night’s episode of the MTV reality show that aired tensions between her and her new husband, David Eason.

“David told me not to worry about it and that this is why he never wanted to be on this show to begin with,” says Evans. “I try not to go around the kids when I’m upset, I don’t want them to ever see me cry or being upset.”

Evans says she’s not sure if MTV has contacted her following her Instagram posts early Tuesday in which she said she is contemplating quitting the show.

“I blocked their numbers,” she says of MTV producers. “They can email me if they want. Like I said, I’ll focus on my family from now on.”

Evans’ family has expanded since her debut on Teen Mom 2 in 2011. She is mother to sons Jace, 8, and Kaiser, 3, and 8-month-old daughter Ensley, whom she shares with Eason. He has another daughter from a previous relationship, 9-year-old Maryssa.

She tells PEOPLE that she feels as though she is “always portrayed as ‘the bad one’ to them no matter how much I change.”

“I don’t like the fact that I’ve changed for the better and [I am] happily married, yet [people] perceive David as some angry dad that gets annoyed by his children,” says Evans. “Or, if MTV does not have the drama from the storyline they want, they try to create drama as hard as they can.”

In the episode, titled “Love You, Mean It,” cameras followed the newlyweds as they planned a photo shoot. Eason appeared to kick the film crew out of the couple’s home, however, all seemed fine the next day.

Evans says the argument stemmed from their new home being flooded, and both she and Eason got angry at each other.

She stands by the fact that Eason has not caused her harm, saying, “If people think for two seconds I’m going to be in another abusive relationship they’ve got that wrong! I’ve been in that position way too many times and wouldn’t have married the man if I thought for a minute he would lay his hands on me.”

Evans also criticized producers in the Instagram post for adding subtitles to the episode when Kaiser threw a tantrum and allegedly yelled “Feed me!”

“He was actually yelling and pointing at Jace because Jace took his toy,” she says. “They bicker like this all the time.”

Evans says it’s upsetting to see her son struggle to communicate with others, adding that he “gets very frustrated.”

“I try helping him re-pronounce the word a few times until he gets it better,” says Evans. “Sometimes he even takes a toy and throws it on the floor out of anger because of us not being able to understand him.”

Despite her frustrations with MTV, Evans is determined to set the record straight on her marriage, saying Eason “wouldn’t let a soul hurt me or our family.”

“He is such a passionate and humble man,” she adds. “He has a great family and supportive friends that I’ve met within these past few years getting to know [him]. I’ve heard nothing but great things about him and his past.”

Evans and Eason wed in September. They got engaged in February, just weeks after welcoming their daughter. The MTV star also opened up about married life and her future plans for a honeymoon, although she doesn’t feel rushed to plan that just yet.

“[It’s] great!” she says. “I think the preparing and getting ready was very stressful but things have been better since then. [We] still haven’t had a honeymoon because we wanted to spend time with the kids on their fall break, but we will soon when the time is best.”

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays (9 p.m. ET) on MTV.