'Teen Mom 2' 's Briana DeJesus Is Hesitant to Tell Kids She Has a Boyfriend: It's Another 'Hurdle'

Briana DeJesus and boyfriend John Rodriguez split in August

Briana DeJesus isn’t in a rush to define her relationship — in front of her kids, that is.

In an exclusive clip from Tuesday’s Teen Mom 2 episode, DeJesus admitted that while her kids met her then-boyfriend John Rodriguez, they weren’t aware of the status of their relationship.

“[Nova] doesn’t know that we’re together, boyfriend and girlfriend,” she said while talking to Rodriguez. “I don’t think she needs to know, not now.”

DeJesus, 25, is the mother of two daughters: Nova, 8, and Stella, 2.

The reality star said she wanted to be on a more stable path with Rodriguez before further involving her children.

“Until we figure out our living situation — then I’ll have a conversation with her about it because obviously, that’ll be new to her,” she said. “They’re with me, so that means they would live with you. They never lived with a male before.”

“It’s something that I’ve got to ease my way into,” she added. “That’s another f—— hurdle that I’ve got to cross.”

In August, DeJesus told Us Weekly she had split from Rodriguez.

Briana DeJesus
Briana DeJesus/Instagram

“I realized I wasn’t happy, had too much on my plate and needed to stay focused on all the things going on in my life including my kids, my new spa, filming Teen Mom 2, my other job and my family,” she said.

She added, “At the end of the day I truly feel bad about what went down with John and me, as he really is a great, sweet, amazing man.”

Cracks in the former couple’s relationship began to show during last week’s episode when the MTV star was blindsided by a screenshot of an alleged DM between Rodriguez and an unknown woman, who claimed she was pregnant with his child.

“There was a screenshot that came out between him and somebody else and it looks like an Instagram DM,” she said. “And [the girl] is like, ‘You got me pregnant, you’re only using [Briana] for fame,’ and he’s like, ‘F— you, die,’ or something like that, something among those lines. It looks really real.”

She continued, “I’m confused because a part of me is, ‘Okay, it’s fake,’ but then a part of me is like, ‘Okay, what if this really is legit?’ ”

Though Rodriguez adamantly denied the claims and insisted the messages were fake, DeJesus had a hard time with trust in the relationship.

“I’m super guarded up, that’s it, brick wall in front of me,” she said.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays (8 p.m. ET) on MTV.

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