'Teen Mom 2' 's Briana DeJesus at Odds with Her Ex About Placing Daughter Stella for Adoption

Briana DeJesus and her ex-boyfriend were both at odds about placing their unborn baby for adoption

Briana DeJesus took one step forward in her plans to pursue adoption for her then-unborn daughter Stella — but she was faced with resistance from her ex-boyfriend.

The Teen Mom 2 met with an adoption agency on Monday night’s episode, seeking information on adoption plans for her second child and whether she needed her ex-boyfriend, Luis’, consent.

“I would like [an] open adoption or at least semi-open,” DeJesus, 23, told the adoption case worker. “Let’s say the father of this baby isn’t on board 110 percent. Will I still need him to be on board to proceed if I wanted to give this baby up for adoption?”

The case worker informed DeJesus that Luis would need to be contacted, and that he would need to provide “some form of physical and emotional support” in order to keep his parental rights.

DeJesus met with her ex for lunch and explained the meeting she had with the case worker: “You have 30 days to agree with it or disagree with it. If you don’t do what they say in those 30 days they take away your parental rights and it’s up to me.”

Luis scoffed slightly, and said, “I guess I assumed things were different. I guess I was somewhere else in my head with all of this.”

“You look annoyed,” DeJesus said.

“I am,” he told her. “I know you want to explore your options, but I think what is best for my child is for her to be with her parents. People work out all the time. Even through worse matters. Obviously, you know I don’t want to co-parent in the sense of us not being together. I want to be together.”

“All of this adoption talk … honestly, it drives me nuts,” Luis admitted.

“You gotta stop being selfish for a bit. You’re the one who f—– up,” DeJesus said, referencing Luis’ alleged infidelity.

“I just don’t see why things can’t work out,” Luis said. “I f—– up, yes, but … I don’t feel like I’m such a bad person that it has to come to drastic measures.”

DeJesus ended their conversation, and told him, “You’re not understanding why I want to go down this route. You’re not understanding anything.”

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Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays (9 p.m. ET) on MTV.

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