'Ted Lasso' 's Hannah Waddingham Loves 'Succession' and Admits, 'I'm Strangely Obsessed with Kieran Culkin'

The Emmy-nominated actress said the cast of Succession is at “the top of the game” on the PEOPLE Every Day podcast

Hannah Waddingham can't get enough of Succession!

On Monday's episode of the PEOPLE Every Day podcast, the Ted Lasso star, 48, revealed her list of must-watch television shows.

"A long term thing that has occupied me and absolutely I've been obsessive about for the last few years is Succession," she told host Janine Rubenstein. "They are all at the top of the game."

Hannah Waddingham and Kieran Culkin on Succession
Momodu Mansaray/WireImage; Graeme Hunter/HBO

The Emmy-nominated actress also praised the cast of the hit HBO show.

"I'm strangely obsessed with Kieran Culkin, even though he's the most annoying little s--- in it, but I just love him. I absolutely love him," she said of the actor's character Roman Roy, the youngest of the Roy siblings, who is vying to take over the family's media conglomerate, Waystar Royco.

Waddingham also shared her appreciation for Brian Cox, who plays the family patriarch on Succession, and Nicholas Braun, who is known for his role as Cousin Greg on the drama series.

"The way Brian Cox barely has to raise an eyebrow and everyone crumbles [is] just magnificent," she said. (She'll get a chance to tell Cox, Culkin and more this in person very soon: much of the cast, like Waddingham, are nominated for Emmys, and the awards show airs Sept. 12.)

Waddingham also encouraged listeners to watch The Offer, which stars her Ted Lasso castmate Juno Temple.

"It is beautifully constructed; it is beautifully performed," she said of the show, which tells the story of The Godfather being made. "I think they had to be very careful how they show the kind of mafia-type characters, because of course it would be stereotypical, but it feels like they have found a way to make them more human and less filmic. And you are just along for the ride."

Waddingham added that the show provides an escape from everyday life.

Apple TV+ Ted Lasso Emmy Awards Party Juno Temple and Hannah Waddingham
Eric Charbonneau/Shutterstock

"I feel like I leave my life on hold ... Yesterday was my birthday and I ended up staying up two hours later than I should have — which I'm gonna complain to Temple about — because I had to keep watching it," she said. "And I think her and Miles Teller are absolute perfection together."

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Last month, Temple opened up about her on-screen friendship with Waddingham's character Rebecca at a special screening and tailgate party in honor of the Emmys.

"It's one of the most important things in the show for me," she shared. "Getting to show a true, genuine female friendship that's not about being competitive, not about judging, but just genuinely loving and supporting on a show that people have really enjoyed watching is one of the things I will be proud of so for the rest of my life."

She added that Waddingham is "kind of the greatest woman in the world."

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