Watch Strangers Explore Orgasmic Healing in Lost Resort Series from Real Housewives Producers

TBS' new reality series takes viewers inside a luxury wellness retreat in Costa Rica centered around nine strangers exploring alternative therapies

If you've ever wondered what really goes on at those exotic-looking wellness retreats, TBS' new reality show Lost Resort might be your next great summer TV escape.

The series, which premieres next month and arrives via the executive producers of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, aims to take viewers inside the world of "extreme spiritual healing" via a social experiment centered around nine strangers exploring alternative therapies.

What constitutes an alternative therapy? Things like rage rituals, vulnerability circles and orgasmic healing, all of which you see glimpses of in the exclusive first look above.

"In this retreat, we've got to work through the healing journey," says a lively guide/guru-like woman in the trailer, over footage of the guests beginning their therapies. "We've got to cleanse you! This is a life-changing experience."

Lost Resort
Felicia Graham/TBS

From there the trailer offers brief introductions to the various guests, what they're working on and the increasing levels of drama that ensues among them, and via their "treatments," over the course of their three-week journey of self-discovery.

The nine guests include a married couple, a mother/daughter duo, a man who hasn't done much activity of any sort in four years, plus a few singles who eventually (obviously?) hook-up.

"It's crazy as hell!" says one guest over footage of the rituals and drama that starts to unfold. "I need to leave, I don't want to do this anymore," whines another who looks to be packing bags. The clip is also interspersed with motivational mentions of "spiritual surgery" and letting go of control from one of the healers/guides.

The vibe, reality show-speaking, seems to be an entertaining mix of Housewives-meets-Goop Lab-meets-Love Island.

The 10-episode series, which wrapped production well before the COVID-19 pandemic, premieres July 23 on TBS.

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