Surprise! Taylor Swift Sends 'America's Got Talent' Winner (and Lookalike) Grace VanderWaal a Sweet Gift

Grace VanerWaal got some mad love from Taylor Swift and Katy Perry after her big win on America's Got Talent

When she auditioned for America’s Got Talent, 12-year-old singer songwriter Grave VanderWaal was dubbed “the next [CELEBRITY_LINK” “” “” “0” ]” by judge Simon Cowell – a compliment she called “truly amazing.” And it looks like Swift might agree!

After VanderWaal was crowned AGT‘s big winner on Wednesday, the 26-year-old “Shake it Off” singer sent her some “mad love” on Friday – in the form of an oversized bouquet of assorted flowers.

The lookalike pre-teen shared her reaction to the gift on Twitter – jumping up and down and screaming in surprise.

“Words can not explain how honored I am for this,” she wrote. “Thank. You. SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!”

While the gift marks a full-circle moment for VanderWaal, the young ukulele player’s musical inspirations range beyond the “Bad Blood” singer. In fact, she’s a big fan of Swift’s friend-turned-rival Katy Perry.

“Not so much the sound but as a person, I would say Katy Perry inspires me because you can always see that she’s being true to herself,” Vanderwaal told Teen Vogue.

“She focuses on her music and even turns down big producers,” she continued. “Her whole career and music is about her being herself. I want to be more like that.”

Perry sent VanderWaal some love on Twitter too – along with some advice. She wrote: “Congrats! You have it. Protect it and keep playing and writing. It will always serve you.”

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Swift and Perry may have been two big names to send VanderWaal support after her win, but they’re not the only ones.

She was showered with love from the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, Reese Witherspoon, Jason Mraz and Henry Winkler.

As for Cowell, while he still sees the Swift comparison, VanderWaal’s win also reminded him of another reality show winner – one that happened 14 years ago, before VanderWaal was even born.

“That moment at the end, it reminded me of the Kelly Clarkson moment,” Cowell said after the finale. “You know, when they said, ‘And the winner is Kelly Clarkson?’ I kind of had that same feeling again when they read her name out, and I saw her reaction and she was literally in pieces. I like that though.”

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