August 14, 2014 10:15 AM

Do you occasionally get jealous of Taylor Swift‘s seeming perfection? If so, this Tonight Show sketch is a refreshing palate cleanser.

Swift joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Wednesday night, and popped up in a sketch starring Fallon’s teenage girl alter ego, Sara (no “h”).

Swift donned large glasses, multiple Scrunchies, braces (with fake overbite!) and a Scrabble-tile necklace to play Natalie, who likes to eat apricots and has a Band-Aid collection.

The Tonight Show spoiled the surprise by posting a video of Swift in makeup with her overbite to its YouTube channel earlier this week, though that doesn’t really mitigate the initial shock of seeing Swift like this.

It’s something like her video for "You Belong with Me," turned up to 11.

Watch the full clip from the show below.

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