He's got a blank page, baby, and he'll write your name


In a poison pen contest, George R.R. Martin has a pretty worthy adversary in Taylor Swift, but she’s no match for the Game of Thrones author, whose kill count has now exceeded 5,000.

In a parody called “Blank Page,” Martin (Nick Mundy) adopts Swift’s “Blank Space” persona, singing, “So much death in the Seven Kingdoms / You could say I’m insane / But I’ve got a blank page, baby / And I’ll write your name.”

In the video, Daenerys (played by Emilia Clarke in the HBO series) is the victim of Martin’s blank page. Emily Rudd bears a striking resemblance to both Daenerys as we know her and Swift herself.

Our favorite verse?

“Zombies, axes, giants, blades,
Many ways for a gruesome fate,
Red Weddings, wildling raids,
Grab your head and smash your
brains to mush,
bones to dust,
decapitation is a must,
In George R.R. you ve gotta trust.
(Kidding, I get off on killing everyone you love.)”

Too real, Nerdist. Too real.