VIDEO: Find Out Which Charity Helped Fred Armisen Get Taylor Kitsch, Miles Teller, Natasha Lyonne and More in a Room

The comedian directs a casting video in effort to launch a social impact campaign between vodka brand Absolute Elyx and Water for People

Photo: Danny Moloshok/Reuters/Landov

Fred Armisen is taking his duties as a director Absolut-ly seriously.

In effort to launch a five-year social impact campaign between the non-profit organization Water for People and Absolut Elyx vodka, Armisen directed a short film in hopes of finding the “one right person” to promote the campaign.

The campaign has one important goal – to provide access to safe water for 100,000 people. In fact, every bottle of Absolut Elyx sold helps provide a week’s supply of safe water for someone in need.

“Water for People is doing incredibly important work to bring access safe water to people around the world,” Kitsch tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I’m proud to help Elyx draw attention to the global water crisis and encourage others to do their part.”

With A-listers including Taylor Kitsch, Miles Teller, Natasha Lyone, Tracee Ellis Ross and George Wallace, Armisen is quick to offer the part to each person that comes to audition – even if they don’t really know the script.

“That was perfect. You got this,” Armisen tells Ross. “I am offering you this part.”

Quickly following the black-ish star’s audition is Kitsch, who is clearly unprepared to read the script.

However, Armisen is still impressed by Kitsch’s charisma and acting abilities, and he offers him the part, too.

Barely allowing any of the guests to fully audition, the comedian continues to give the big “yes” to every person that auditions. Not siting well with George Wallace’s lawyer (played by Paul Scheer), Armisen decides that he is way in over his head when it comes to choosing the perfect cast.

“I’m going to shut everything down,” Armisen jokes. “It’s better for me if I don’t do things.”

To end the clip, the campaign reveals that instead of shooting a full commercial, the money saved on the production was donated to Water for People, providing 3,000 people with access to safe water.

“In the end we never shot a full commercial, we made a video about casting instead. So nobody got the part because, on this mission, everyone gets to help.”

Teller adds exclusively to PEOPLE: “Vodka’s great, but water is without a doubt the most important drink in the world. It was great to work with Elyx on this project and support Water for People’s efforts to bring safe water to 100,000 people who need it most.”

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