June 07, 2017 07:35 PM

Tarek El Moussa openly speaks about it now, but at the time of his testicular cancer diagnosis in 2013, the HGTV personality kept things very private.

Four years ago, the Flip or Flop star was diagnosed with both thyroid cancer and testicular cancer, but only disclosed to the world that he was battling the former. “Testicular cancer is more of a private thing,” he previously told PEOPLE about why he kept it a secret.

But on Wednesday, the father of two opened up further about his previous personal diagnosis to Andy Cohen. Asked by the TV and radio host if he had to have a testicle removed in the process, El Moussa candidly admitted to Cohen on the Bravo personality’s exclusive SirusXM radio channel, Radio Andy, “yes I did.”

Having beat both forms of cancer, the reality star now shares some lighthearted fun with friends that stemmed from his testicular cancer treatment. “At least my friends call me ‘The One Nut Wonder’ now, so, I mean, I have a good nickname,” he quipped.

According to El Moussa, doctors put “a fake ball in” — and he “asked for an extra large one.”

“It’s like an implant,” El Moussa explained. “I can’t tell the difference.”

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During the interview, Cohen revealed that he had been with a man who only had one testicle, and added, “I guess if you were with someone and they had two balls and one was fake, you would have no idea that one was fake.”

“And that’s why I did it,” explained El Moussa, who said that he reveals to women that he is dating about him having an implant: “I tell them anyways, though, because I’m pretty much an open book.”

El Moussa, who is actively dating, also confirmed to Cohen that he has “no girlfriend,” and it will be “a while before that happens.”

Though El Moussa knows that the mother of his two children, Christina El Moussa, is also dating since the couple privately split last May, he doesn’t care to know the details of her personal life.

“We’re going through this divorce thing, we’re working together, I just really don’t want to know what’s going on with her personal life,” said El Moussa.

“I do not hate her,” he admitted. “For the kids, no matter what — even if I wanted to, which I don’t —  I couldn’t hate my ex-wife — well, almost ex-wife. …  When we go to school activities, sporting events, we will sit right next to each other.”

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