Tarek El Moussa donated $5,000 to help Flip or Flop contractor Frank Miller after his double cancer diagnosis

By Alexia Fernandez
June 12, 2017 10:01 PM

Tarek El Moussa is desperate to help Flip or Flop contractor and friend Frank Miller, who is battling cancer.

The HGTV personality, who recently revealed that he had been diagnosed with cancer four years ago, posted a photo of Miller on his Instagram page, writing, “PLEASE PLEASE WE NEED YOUR HELP TO SAVE A LIFE!!!”

“Our contractor Frank Miller from Flip or Flop is battling 2 very very aggressive cancers, really bad ones, he’s fighting for his life out of feeding tubes!!” El Moussa wrote. “His medical bills have become unattainable and we need your help to try and save Frank’s life…”

Credit: GoFundMe

He went on to add that he and his ex Christina El Moussa had donated $5,000 to Miller’s GoFundMe page. At the time this article was published, donations totaled a little over $10,000.

Christina also posted on her Instagram account, asking people to donate.

Four years ago, Tarek was diagnosed with both thyroid cancer and testicular cancer, but only revealed that he was battling the former.

“Testicular cancer is more of a private thing,” he previously told PEOPLE about why he kept it a secret.

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Having beat both forms of cancer, the reality star opened up to Andy Cohen about the lighthearted fun with friends that stemmed from his testicular cancer treatment. “At least my friends call me ‘The One Nut Wonder’ now, so, I mean, I have a good nickname,” he quipped.

According to El Moussa, doctors put “a fake ball in” — and he “asked for an extra large one.”

“It’s like an implant,” El Moussa explained. “I can’t tell the difference.”