By People Staff
Updated December 01, 2020 03:48 PM
Credit: Courtesy Tara Costa

Anxiety, reflection and emotions are running rampant in the Biggest Loser house!

You’ve asked, I’m answering! Leigh wanted to know if I was on Celebrity Apprentice a few weeks ago … Yes! I went to support Curtis Stone as he is always supporting Biggest Loser contestants. Many of you have asked about losing those last 10 lbs. If you are almost at goal and you need to get rid of the final stubborn pounds, try to ramp up the intensity! In the beginning it is all about movement and staying active, but as your body becomes accustomed to its new fitness level you have to keep pushing the envelope. Maybe it is time to pull in reinforcements: Try a personal trainer, the insane gym class you heard about or workout with a friend who is in better shape and try to keep up.

This week, Alison Sweeney dropped a bomb on the house when she told the contestants that there will not be a yellow line, but rather a red line would decide the fate of the final four. This leaves no room for game play — just hard work and determination. You could feel and see the tension between the contestants. They all want it BAD. I don’t know where or when it switched from getting the best possible life to winning the grand prize but the switch has been FLIPPED!

When past winners, Helen and Erik, told all, they were very genuine. Helen spoke about being obsessed with her next workout and Michael felt anxious because he was sitting while talking to the two of them.

At this point in the game there is an immense amount of pressure, but there is also the fear of failure and uncertainty about going home. We saw this pressure blow Michael into a rage when he realized that his journey is not close to being over. It is a hard pill to swallow. Bob did an excellent job in helping him realize that he just needs to toughen up and appreciate what he has done because the guy who took off 204 lbs. to date is the same one who will push it when cameras aren’t rolling and the trainers aren’t looking over his shoulder.

Erik was an open book for all of us to see how weight can be a struggle and that you have to continue to live a lifestyle and not play a game. Some contestants realize this faster than others, but it seems that Erik has finally found his calling to true happiness. I am so happy that he wants to help others battle the bulge the right way.

I noticed something about Sunshine and Daris. They both want to have someone love them. I feel you will never truly be loved until you really love yourself. I thought losing the weight would make all the problems and issues I had go away. Many of the same issues will be there when the weight is gone. You have to mentally overcome the real issues — whatever they may be. I hope they were able to get to the bottom of those, because they all deserve true happiness.

This challenge was a difficult one and I know from first hand since it was the same one that I did on my season! Alison kindly pointed out that my time got killed by Daris during this challenge. Congratulation Daris, you kicked my tail!

I felt horrible for Sunshine. She lost just 2 lbs., got kicked off a pound shy of reaching 100 lbs. on campus. Bummer!

My MVP this episode goes to Erik Chopin — he is opening up to contestants but also all of America with the struggle he is facing. It is not easy to be in his shoes and I think it is courageous in what he is doing to take back his life! –Tara Costa Courtesy Tara Costa