By People Staff
April 14, 2010 12:00 AM
Trae Patton/NBC

Cars, mud, a 5K, Suze Orman, 30 minutes of sprints — this was one hectic episode!

But first, you asked … and I’m answering! Christie Koester wanted to know what was harder, my first week on The Biggest Loser or running a marathon. My first week on campus was much more difficult than running a marathon on the show and then the N.Y.C. marathon last year because I was so out of shape both mentally and physically when I arrived at the Ranch. For the marathons I was mentally prepared: I had a running plan that I followed and I knew I could finish. Being prepared is half the battle!

PS wanted to know my take on low fat vs. low carb. In the beginning, it’s all about keeping track of your calories and eating balanced meals. (Actually, most foods on the Ranch are low in fat. In fact, the foods with the most fat were nuts!) Later, when I was having difficulty losing weight, I had to make dietary adjustments. I still had a low-fat diet, but I also cut my carb intake before the finale.

Erin asked me about post BL workouts that really excite me. I will post a good interval-training workout on my site that will help you burn those calories! Good luck with the last 20 to 30 lbs.!

Now onto this week’s episode: After I watched, I felt like I had to take a shower! There was so much mud -… EVERYWHERE — even in Jillian‘s pants. That was one of the highlights for me. I knew that she would get the last laugh, though. If I heard her say, “I am going to work them out until their brains come out of their nose and ears,” I would be scared.

Who wouldn’t love to win a car? This challenge was really a game of chance. I actually tweeted that I thought Sunshine or O’Neal would have won just because they had better odds! Either way, we would all sprint, jog, roll around or crawl in the mud for a chance to win a new car.

I was so happy Suze Orman made a guest appearance this week — I wish she had been on my season. All contestants take a big leap of faith when heading to the Ranch. Some of us lose our jobs, but the trade-off is we gain our health. I feel sometimes we (the contestants) don’t see the entirety of the situation. It is important to remember that living a healthy lifestyle is not only about weight. Money or the lack of it can cause many stress, which can lead to weight gain. When Danny came to visit, I was pleased he was so open about how much debt he had. He is finally facing all of his problems and is coming out on top!

Both Drea and Victoria had emotional breakthroughs on this episode. It is really interesting to see how contestants realize their own self worth and finally understand the emotions that were attached to eating, because we weren’t born obese. Even though Drea left frustrated, she got it. I hope Victoria is just as lucky.

One of my favorite segments was watching Michael jog a mile, then continue on to two and a half miles after Bob told him to do another mile. I think even Bob was surprised he did more than he was told to do. After that, he did his first 5K at 372 lbs., but at this point nothing was stopping him and he went onto five miles! I know the feeling of surprise that Michael felt, doing something he thought only runners do. I see him and other Biggest Loser contestants redefining the stereotype of a runner and an athlete. The contestants inspire each other to get involved in activities that might have seemed daunting and scary. I hope that Michael is able to motivate you to get going and try something you think is impossible, because most likely it isn’t!

By the way, Michael gets my MVP for all of his great efforts this week! Till next time! –Tara Costa

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