Costa weighs in on the extreme workouts and which players she's rooting for

By Tara Costa
Updated October 06, 2010 01:30 PM
Courtesy Tara Costa

You know how most relationships have that honeymoon phase? Well, it seems that the contestants’ honeymoon has come to a crashing halt.

I am not sure how much more whining I could take from Lisa and Tina, so I was ecstatic when Bob helped them realize just how special it is to be on the ranch. The only problem with Tina and Lisa voicing their concerns about wanting to go home is that it provides ammunition for other contestants to validate voting them off in the future.

On the other end of the spectrum you have Brendan, Frado and Patrick who have decided to form an alliance, which can instigate game play. Realistically, they seem to understand that staying on the ranch will help them take off more weight quickly than going at it alone. I feel they are correct in this assumption and can’t hate on them for doing this because I don’t think it is about taking home a $250k check for all of them.

We haven’t gotten to see or hear “last chance workout” this season, but we have seen a lot of the workouts that contestants go through on the daily basis.

Bob was able to show all of us one of his greatest workouts that he has done with many different contestants over the seasons – his high intensity circuit workout. As a contestant, you think you could possibly slack off a little while doing this circuit because there are so many of you working out, but you’re wrong.

I have been trying to watch all the ladies of the house during their workouts and they seem to be pushing themselves. I don’t understand how the girls in the house are getting annihilated on the scale. Maybe not Ada, but she just skated by this week’s weigh-in. I am very interested to see if she dominates all the females. I saw her competitive side come out when she almost fell below. She’s a competitive one, do you all agree?

Remember if you don’t ask, I can’t answer. Whatever you want to know about the ranch, weight loss, living with cameras – just ask away!

This week my BL MVP goes to Aaron! I look at this guy and can’t help but smile. You could see how he was struggling, but he mustered up the courage to fight for what he wanted – and living with no regrets is a good thing.