By People Staff
Updated November 04, 2009 12:00 AM
Credit: Trae PattonNBC

First let me begin with answering some of your comments and questions about Daniel and Shay. Daniel has been struggling lately and it’s apparent that both Jillian and Bob are wondering what is wrong. I think he is uncharted territory for them. He has been on an extreme weight-loss kick for some time now, much longer than other past Biggest Loser contestants. His gaining a pound could be his body telling him that it is stressed and needs a break. Don’t look at Daniel as only losing approximately 60 lbs. so far, but rather look at him as losing 142 lbs. plus all the weight he took off this season. That’s a whopping 200 lbs.!

As far as Shay goes, she can’t be compared to the men in the house who used to be athletes and have a greater amount of muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn. Men and women lose weight differently. Even though Shay is bigger than the men in the house, it’s still difficult because a woman’s body naturally maintains more fat than a man’s. The hard part for Shay is that she still has to lose more pounds to be competitive and stay above the yellow line. In the coming episodes, I am interested to see if it will be easy or difficult for her.

Someone mentioned that BL was not a life changing experience anymore. I couldn’t disagree with you more! Everyone has his or her own reasons for going on the show. The majority of the contestants go on the show to have a fresh start and change. Take me for example: I wanted to start living a normal life in New York and no longer feel ashamed of myself. I was in such desperation that I went to weight loss clinics, a surgical doctor, a trainer and applied to be on The Biggest Loser. I wanted to change so badly that I would have done anything, even expose myself to all of America. After this past weekend, I can say that my life is different. I decided to run the N.Y.C. marathon and I put myself up to that challenge. It wasn’t a TV show’s idea. For me, BL was a life-changing experience.

Now onto this week’s episode! Obesity is an epidemic in the United States and Biggest Loser wants to do something about it! I am so happy that the show went to Washington D.C. I can’t express in words how important I feel about helping fight the problem of childhood obesity. It is my understanding that Illinois is the only state that requires physical education everyday for grades K through 12. It was great to see that contestants got to talk with elected officials about their struggles and triumphs. I hope that it made a lasting impact on the officials and that they keep striving for more change.

Running around the streets of D.C., gathering to workout must have been so much fun! I can only imagine the looks these contestants got when approaching strangers. I would have thought that Daniel would have had this challenge in the bag since he was already on the show.

I am sure some of you were wondering why the contestants didn’t use their shirts when picking up the pennies in the second part of the challenge. The show has a challenge department that comes and delivers the rules to all contestants. I am sure that if the contestants used their clothing to help pick up pennies, they would be disqualified. I thought it was a fun challenge to watch and Rebecca showed that she is a competitor and has fierce determination.

Below the yellow line … Tracey & Liz! I am sure all of you are happy that Tracey was voted off. She did have some crazy expressions and at points was overly excited. But we have to give credit where credit is due. She looks awesome and has done an amazing job at home. I am happy to see that she went back to where it all began to re-run that first mile. She must have been so proud of herself! –Tara Costa

Tell us: What did you think of the show? What should we do to fight childhood obesity? And are you happy for Tracey?Trae Patton/NBC