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January 20, 2010 12:00 AM

I’ve been getting a lot of questions and I love it! So let me answer a few for you then get to the blog. Erin asked if contestants have days that were strictly cardio and days that were strictly weight training. On my season, we didn’t have a schedule like Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays were weight-training days. The trainers have hectic schedules and we also have a production schedule. I lifted weights about every two or three days. When we did do weight training, we still did the normal amount of cardio that we would do had we not trained with weights.

There is a lot of down time that does not air on the show. Contestants can use the pool, walk or jog the presidential mile, hike or hit the gym. Your job while you are on the show is to BURN, BURN, BURN calories — you don’t stop till you hit your bodybugg caloric burn number.

“Tara Rocks” asked how to inspire her grandmother who loves the show but does not think it pertains to her. Everyone knows someone who needs to lose weight or should be on The Biggest Loser. I have a few in my family that could go on the show and would be entertaining to watch (trust me). I supposedly helped them, but today they are growing heavier and the list of medications they are on is growing as well. It breaks my heart. I have learned you cannot preach, though, you just have to wait and do your best to lead by example. Let those who need help see how it can and should be done. I don’t like criticizing, as I have been on a diet since I was in middle school. So, “Tara Rocks,” be there for your grandmother, help her be more active or a share a healthy recipe. Get her involved by asking her for help. She won’t be able to say no to you — you are her grandchild!

“Teacher and Student” was the theme this week and there are many frustrations, especially with the Green Team. It seems like Migdalia has a put up a wall and Jillian is trying to knock it down with hammer when what she really needs is a bulldozer! I knew Migdalia wouldn’t walk off the show, but I did possibly think that Jillian might get knocked out. For some it is easier to show emotion and for others it is hard, but I have come to realize that to truly make a lifestyle change, you need to understand the reasons why you heavy in the first place. If the mind-body connection is not made, it will not be a lasting impact. Once you make that connection, you can be vulnerable because you will feel all emotions, not just the happy ones. The question becomes for Migdalia, is it better to feel everything even though she’ll experience pain? She is a mother and a protector of her family, which is a good thing, but being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness. Sometimes being vulnerable you might get kicked down but when you pick yourself back up, it feels good. You take away an experience and lessons that will help you. I hope that Mig opens up and allows herself to go through this process, but she needs to do it for herself — not for Jillian or Bob.

From personal experience I can tell you that Jillian will put the weight of your world of problems on her shoulders as soon as you get to the Ranch. As times goes on and as you grow, she will slowly give it back to you, BUT only when you can handle it.

I have to talk about the twists this episode: First, it seemed like you would have the power if you gave into temptation and ate some candy. Then once the challenge came, everything was thrown away because the winning team got immunity and could switch the teacher and student around! I think the reason Allison did this was to make sure that the student could not “play the game,” and not lose any weight. Unless you are the Red Team, honestly I don’t get it. To have immunity and gain 1 lb., only to lose 1 lb. the next week? Seems fishy — and Bob and Jillian knew it too! I really hope that one of the trainers confronts Melissa next week, but I have a feeling she will DENY, DENY, DENY until she is blue in the face.

I would love to answer more of your questions as they come up, so keep ’em coming! I will do my best to be candid. I am always tweeting (@Tara_Costa) and on Facebook, describing the crazy workouts I am trying. So, stay connected with me throughout the week!

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Tell us: What did you think of the way Jillian handled Migdalia? What would you say to Migdalia? What do you think of the Red Team? Are they playing a game? And how are your weight-loss goals coming along?Trae Patton/NBC

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