Tara Costa is surprised about two of the four. Are you?

By Tara Costa
December 01, 2010 01:35 PM
Courtesy Tara Costa

In the beginning of this week’s Biggest Loser episode, Alison tells the contestants that they’ve reached the final week on campus and there’s only one obstacle in their way – okay, maybe two. Surprise! This week the contestants faced a yellow line and a red line. After the announcement, the boys laughed their shrinking behinds into Patrick’s room to gloat. Okay, America gets it. You all want to win $250,000. I can understand that. Who wouldn’t want to win $250,000? But do it with class and dignity. There is no need for gloating. The only good thing about the boys’ alliance is that they are open and honest about it. I know that there have been other alliances in past seasons that were never revealed. So good for the boys for being straight shooters, I guess.

I really enjoyed this pop challenge because all these exercises can be done at home. Ride a bike a mile or get on an elliptical machine, run a half-mile, row 1,000 meters, jump rope for 100 rotations and do 500 stairs! That could be a great heart-pumping routine for all of us to try. Brendan was the winner of this challenge and I was a little surprised – I thought Ada would have taken it.

We saw a lot of Elizabeth warning everyone that she should not be underestimated, but it’s been about 11 weeks now and she has fallen below the line countless times. It’s safe to say that it is okay to underestimate her. Looking back, Frado probably knew from the beginning that she would never be a threat and that is why he kept her around for so long. I am going to make an educated guess and say Elizabeth will not be the next Biggest Loser. I do think, however, she has spent enough time on campus to know how to live a healthy lifestyle and that is the most important gift you can get at the Ranch!

I enjoyed listening to the conversation that the contestants had about how they would spend the money. Brendan, who has donated $1,000 to Warriors in Pink, talked about starting a foundation for at-risk teens like the ones he works with in the Boston Public School system. Ada jumped on the same bandwagon, saying she would like to start a foundation. I so am happy to say that they both can take part in my foundation, which will be live in the next few weeks. Paying it forward is imperative once you leave The Biggest Loser. Not everyone gets that winning lotto ticket, but we can all be ambassadors for positive change and living a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Huizenga has his last check-up of the season with Frado, who doesn’t have diabetes anymore. I am so happy that this was shown. Contestants walk onto the Ranch with a series of problems and walk away cured because of the proper diet and exercise. It can be that easy for everyone! I hope someone was watching at home and got inspired to start their journey towards healthy living.

The challenge this week was like every last challenge – all the weight that they lost was put right back on. Of course it’s symbolic, but it really hits home when you toss those added pounds off and you start to feel free again. As the weight is dropped, it’s like you are breaking out of your cage. For all of you who have lost weight in the past, take a weight vest and wear it for a workout. It will reinforce all of your hard work!

We have our final four this season: Patrick, Frado, Ada and Elizabeth. I wouldn’t have guessed two of them would make it! Until next week!

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