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Updated May 05, 2010 12:00 AM
Courtesy Tara Costa

You’ve asked, I’m answering! Cameron and Katie both asked similar questions about snacks on the road and tips for eating out! When I travel, I always have fresh fruit that is not messy to eat, like an apple, a pear, a nectarine, grapes or a banana. I also make my own trail mix to go — my favorite cereal, unsalted cashews and almonds and peanut butter chips. When I package it out, I know that one cup is a little under 200 calories. I also have packets of oatmeal in my bag and microwaveable popcorn. When dining out (at an airport or with friends) I order what I want. I don’t say, “I want the sizzling shrimp fajitas,” I say, “I want grilled shrimp, onions, and peppers, no seasoning please as I am allergic to it, corn tortillas (NOT flour), and all other condiments on the side!” If I am doing a salad, things that I know should be eaten in moderation, like cheese, bacon or salad dressing, I will get it on the side. Hope that helps!

Onto this week’s episode! Lets start with realizing it has been roughly 16 weeks and these six contestants are 805 lbs. lighter! We all think that losing weight and getting our lives back will take forever, but can you remember what you were doing around New Year’s? Maybe you were making a resolution to lose some extra pounds or do something you have never done before! Let’s get to it, . We have seen contestants transform so there is no reason why we all can’t have our own makeover in 16 weeks, strutting the new fall styles!

It was great to see all the contestant’s makeovers but what really got me was when Michael said, “It’s time for me to polish myself up and look in the mirror and be proud of myself for the first time in so long.” Making it to Makeover Week is a huge accomplishment as a contestant! But poor Michael was shopping alone … after losing 183 lbs., he still feels secluded from the pack. That is so disheartening to still not fit in, and I feel for him. I think in next week’s episode, we will see this really get to him. I loved his makeover and think that he will look AWESOME at the finale!

When Michael’s sisters came out to greet him, I felt so bad for his little sister. I know it is difficult to see your loved ones change and you stay the same. What I hope is that Michael leads by example and doesn’t preach to his sister when he gets home.

Daris used to buy his jeans at a farm and ranch supply store because he knew they’d fit. He would find them “right by the tarps.” He always just shopped for size and never for something he liked. What is awesome about this is now Daris has a new way to express himself. He has transformed himself into a new man who gets a new style. Obviously, his hair is drastically different! When the hairstylist was cutting it, for a split second I thought of Krusty the Clown from The Simpsons! Did anyone else see that? I think Daris looks the most different out of all the contestants. Job well done!

I knew that Sam and Koli would look studly but what really hit home was how they yearned for the approval and pride from their parents. It was great to see both of them receive the leis from their parents as a symbol of how proud they are.

Ashley and Sunshine are both beautiful girls whose makeovers allowed them to realize how far they have come. I might have mentioned this in prior blogs, but there are no full-length mirrors on the Ranch, so getting to look at yourself in a room full of mirrors would be awesome!

The challenge this week really shocked me — not the actual challenge itself but how Daris quit. I thought he would pull through ’til the end and win it. This definitely caught me off guard … I totally underestimated Koli’s mental strength.

My MVP this week is Ashley — she has a long road ahead of her but she seems to be the little engine that could! Plus I love her mom =) –Tara Costa

Tell us: Who is surprising you the most at this point in the competition?Courtesy Tara Costa