Credit: Courtesy Tara Costa

This episode got you into the nitty-gritty of what it’s like to work out and eat well on the Ranch.

Although we see five to ten minutes of a workout, contestants on The Biggest Loser are really there for four-plus hours. It’s the farthest someone will ever push you the first time you meet them – and while having cameras on you! I absolutely loved it when contestants were being asked how they felt while working out. We heard the pain they were all feeling in that moment.

The one thing you can never ask, though, is when the workout will end. That’s a big no-no in the house! Brendan learned that the hard way, but it was great to see his light switch on when he realized how out of shape he was and that he couldn’t believe he did that to himself. Brendan also gave us a great one-liner, saying, “I would lay in someone’s puke right now!

More gems: Lisa compared the first workout to natural childbirth, and Fredo said, in the midst of all the chaos, “You get what you sign up for.”

There were a few nutrition lessons in this episode. Contestants learned it’s about expending more calories than you consume. They also memorize a few Ranch mottos, like “lean and green,” “drink enough water,” and “be thoughtful of what you put into your body.”

Now, I realize the weight losses were insane in this episode, but this was not done in just one week. If you were listening closely, Allison gave you the heads up when she said that the contestants should have started losing weight when they completed their at-home challenge. So contestants like Mark, who lost 41 lbs., had more than one week to do so!

All the same, I can’t believe that all the girls except Ada fell below the yellow line this week. Come on, girls – it is time to step up the game!

The eight who fell below had to compete for their spot on the Ranch, so this definitely took out any game-play out of the decision. If the contestants who were above had to choose one of the eight to go home, I think we would have seen a little bit of strategy talk. But having a challenge to stay safe is something completely new and I loved it.

During this sprinting challenge, do you think that Jessica really elbowed Burgandy? It looked to me like she did try to go for the flag and we all know that the shortest distance to the flag would be a straight line and that’s what I think she was going for – even if that straight line was a diagonal one!

This week my MVP goes to Brendan for his positive breakthrough and readiness reclaim his life. This realization can help many people get started and stay motivated. But did any of you notice that Ada maybe said about five words this episode? Wonder if she is going to be the silent one who takes it all?

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