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Updated December 01, 2020 06:27 PM
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Last week Tamie asked about life after Biggest Loser and if there is a change in the friendships you had before the show. Well, it depends! I have heard numerous stories from fellow contestants about how their friends treated them differently after the show. For me, I still have my same group of core friends. Some of them now really like to work out with me, while others understand it is something I am into but they won’t be seen in a gym. I am just lucky that I have a great group of girlfriends who want to see me succeed — and will do anything they can to help me stay on track.

Biggest Loser takes on the Olympic Training Center! I thought that this was a great place to take the contestants to see how others train. Not that many train more than six hours a day, so having the opportunity to meet with who also do this must have been a breath of fresh air. And meeting the Paralympians — I do not know how the contestants could walk away without being inspired.

I’ve noticed something: I keep hearing say they have problems, but they really mean they have a situation. A problem is something that you cannot alter. A situation is something that sucks, but you can work out a plan to alter the outcome. Being a little chunky, overweight or obese is a situation. Being born without a limb is a problem. These Paralympians are defying the problem that is in front of them and are showing a remarkable amount of tenacity and courage to push to new levels. Next time you want to make an excuse, think if you really have a problem or a situation on your hands.

I loved how we were able to see the food being served at the Olympic Training Center. It is important to understand how nutrition should fuel us throughout the day. When training for an event, sometimes put on weight because they think they should be rewarded for their good efforts. As I am training now for my triathlons, I am making sure to connect with a nutritionist who can help me better understand what foods I should eat to maximize my energy during a long workout.

This weigh-in was intense! Two were going home. One of them is Melissa and the other — who knows, Darrell or Cheryl? What a twist to have an elimination challenge like this. Balancing the torch on your head seems extremely difficult to do and I am so excited to find out who won. I started thinking about Daris and Andrea after this challenge, wondering who would excel more without their parent in the house. Either way, one of them is going to get a wake-up call without their parent to protect them.

Melissa went home and from the looks of it, she seems to be doing very well! What I personally want to see is how Lance does without Melissa. It seems that she wore the pants in the relationship, so I am sure Lance won’t want to go home because her orders were to stay until he got down to 250 lbs. I think she could be in the running for the $100K? Do you agree?

BL M.V.P. this week goes to O’Neal! He won immunity and still lost 8 lbs.! It seems like this guy is relentless when he puts his mind to something. Everyone needs to watch out for him! –Tara Costa

Tell us: How will Lance do without Melissa in the house? What did you think of the new elimination challenge? Are you keeping up with your diet and exercise goals?Trae Patton/NBC