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April 28, 2010 12:00 AM

Inspiration was running through — literally! — this week’s episode of The Biggest Loser.

You asked, and I’m answering! D wanted to know if there is a way fans could see how past contestants are doing and if the show checks in on us. The Biggest Loser is now into season 9 and there are so many contestants across America that it’s hard for production to keep up. I stay in contact with the show and past contestants because it helps me stay accountable. You can search for contestants on Facebook! Most of the from my season are doing really well, though as in all things in life, some find it more difficult than others. The good thing is the majority of those finding it difficult are reaching out for help. BL also does special “Where Are They Now” episodes, which is how I was able to share the 5K and health fair I organized in my hometown.

The episode really brought back some awesome memories from that 5K. It allowed us to see that everyone can get involved — whether it’s running your first race or running farther than you have before.

I loved seeing the impact the contestants can have on others. After weeks on the Ranch, you feel like you live in a bubble. Getting back into civilization is important and it also prepares you for what’s next. No one tells you that after the show will look to you for advice, inspiration and motivation. People also want to know what you are eating! Countless fans have rummaged through my basket at the grocery store or asked a waitress what I ordered.

I was shocked with some of the statistics that Allison and Jill were rambling off about Texas. They have 5 of the 10 fattest cities in the country! When Jillian went to speak at the school, she hit on the reason I want to help kids learn about nutrition: For the first time in history, children now have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

During her visit, a young girl who is larger than others stood up in front of all her peers and asked how she can change because the odds are stacked against her. My math teacher in high school once told me, “rich breed rich kids.” I thought that meant I would never be rich because my mother wasn’t rich. But I was able to reflect and react to his statement. I questioned why couldn’t I break that pattern and I came up with a plan (which I am still following). And I believe a glimmer of hope that Jillian will provide will set the girl on the right path!

We really got to see the alliances in the house this episode. Daris was busting his butt trying to win immunity, but he couldn’t compete with fewer contestants and broke down with Jillian during the last-chance workout. It seems the Gray Team and Yellow Team were trying to be the final four, but not all plans work out. Now that the Gray Team is still intact, I feel the other contestants will try to send one of them home.

The next few episodes should be very interesting!

My MVP for this episode goes to the young girl who asked Jillian how to change. She deserves credit for her courage.

Tell us: Who are your picks for final four? Who do you want to win and why? Will Sunshine do better without O’Neal? What are your questions for Tara?

Courtesy Tara Costa

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