September 16, 2009 12:00 AM

Biggest Loser is back, and the first episode did not disappoint. If you pay close attention, you can hear Shay say, “This is our new beginning.” Everyone feels that way because when you are so overweight, you feel trapped being someone that really isn’t you!

As the show started, I kept thinking to myself, “this scenery does not look familiar. The Ranch is not on the water.” Then I realized they were driving down Pacific Coast Highway. Sure enough, Julio knew something was up! Immediately after the contestants got off the bus, the beautiful Allison Sweeney greeted them and let them know they will have to run the last mile of my first marathon to win immunity! Now it is extremely difficult to run at that size (or any size), but to run on sand and be morbidly obese is just cruel and unusual punishment. BUT out came a black town car, and it was Daniel from season 7’s orange team! While I was on the Ranch with Daniel, I had never met such a kindhearted soul. He is as genuine a person as they come, but his time was cut short when his partner didn’t put forth the effort. But now, sure enough, Daniel finished first and chose Shay, the heaviest contestant, to be his partner.

But during the challenge, Tracey, who had a huge lead right off the bat, overexerted herself too soon. She crossed the finish line but was definitely not coherent. She was helicoptered off to the local hospital but we never really found out what went wrong. At least Mo revealed that he had low blood sugar and blood pressure.

At the Ranch, the contestants briefly spoke about why they wanted to be on BL and the most gut-wrenching story was Abby‘s, who lost her husband, daughter and son in a car crash. I can’t imagine the pain she has suffered but am happy to see that she wants to share her story with us. I really do think she will be a fighter this season.

Another plus this time — the trainers are working together! Yoga with Bob, boxing with Jillian, what could be better! The workouts still prove to be difficult and there was an emotional breakdown and we got to see how it was handled by both trainers. Shay just didn’t think she would be able to do it and was giving up. Sure enough, Jill said let her go and Bob wanted to go get her. Jillian won this one and Shay finally came around! I was so happy that she made the decision herself to come back; it takes a ton of courage to go back into that gym after walking out.

But the last weigh-in truly is the most difficult part of the show and the contestants kicked major butt this week. Alexandra lost 13 lbs. and still went home! But, Alexandra at home still lost a whopping 60 lbs. to date! I am so proud of her and can’t wait to find out who her crush is. Hopefully, I will get to spill the beans about her crush before the season finale! –Tara Costa

Tell us: How do you like the dual trainer format? Who are you rooting for?

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