The comedian tells Seth Meyers about the dramatic injuries he's sustained on the show

By Andrea Park
June 11, 2015 12:25 PM

Who knew comedy was an extreme sport?

During a visit to Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday, Taran Killam shares stories of the worst injuries he’s received in his five seasons on Saturday Night Live.

The most recent one happened while Killam, 33, was filming a sketch called “Blazer,” in which he plays an ’80s-era cop.

“I was literally in my element, in heaven, that [the writers] wrote me this part where I could slide over hoods of cars and hurdle buildings,” he shares. “I was killin’ it all day, then toward the end of the afternoon they had me jumping over three- to four-foot walls between buildings.”

“We did three takes – nailed it,” he continued. “And then the cinematographer is like, ‘Oh, I didn’t move the camera, can you do it one more time?’ I was like, ‘Pfft, can I do it one more time? Watch this!’ ”

But, alas, his smugness got the best of him.

“Just at that last hurdle I clipped my heel and just ate turf, just ate it, and they used it in the video,” Killam says – but it’s not what you think.

“I’m doing my best cool-guy hurdle jump, clip, fall. The whole clip will show that I do recover and still somersault and show the sunglasses, but as soon as I do that and they yell cut, I go, ‘You have to use that, please use that clip!’ ”

That wasn’t the first time this has happened, the self-proclaimed “king of falling on the last take” continues.

Killam, who is married to actress Cobie Smulders, explains that he fell on a certain SNL host’s face while filming a keg stand scene (after once again confidently assuring everybody he could hold himself up for a fourth take).

“Like halfway through the take I’m like, ‘Oh no, Oh God.’ And Charlize Theron, the second most beautiful girl in the world, is to my right and I crumble and fall right on top of her head,” he says. “I fall right onto her face, which is, I think, important to her – it’s the moneymaker.”

Meyers then shares a clip of the hilarious “Blazer” wipeout with the Late Night audience, after which Killam stands and takes several solemn bows before taking a dramatic tumble on his way to sit back down.

Watch out, Chevy Chase, SNL might have a new king of physical comedy.