Tamron Hall on Losing Her Sister: I'm 'Part of a Club That No One Wants to Join'

The Today co-host opens up about her sister's murder – and what she is doing to help others whose loved ones have died

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Tamron Hall spends a lot of time reporting on crime, but that doesn’t lessen the memories of her own sister’s murder.

“When I lost my sister, I became part of a club that no one wants to join,” Hall, who co-hosts of the third hour of NBC News’ Today and anchors MSNBC’s NewsNation, tells PEOPLE.

Despite the tears that still come when speaking about Renata – who was found dead face-down in her pool in 2004 – Hall has made it her mission to help tell the stories of others who have lost family members to crime.

“[I am grateful to] have an opportunity to turn that tragedy into something that could potentially save someone else’s life,” says Hall, who is currently hosting season 3 of Investigation Discovery’s Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall.

“I get emotional thinking [about] the stories that we’ve covered [on Deadline: Crime] because there are two things that stand out to me: One, there’s always a chance for someone to do the right thing and in these cases they choose to do the wrong thing. That baffles me,” she says. “And two, when the headlines die down and there’s no impending court date, what are those families’ lives like?”

Having gone through her own tragedy, Hall feels a close connection to those she speaks to for her ID series, which is produced by NBC News’ Peacock Productions.

“[My concern is] both personal and human. I want all of the families that we asked to participate in our series that I am walking in their shoes and this is about saving a life,” she says. “This is about taking their family member’s legacy and turning it around. It’s all about what’s next.”

Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on Investigation Discovery.

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