"Steven was my first and only boyfriend who did not have to turn on the TV to see me, and I think that's been important," Tamron Hall says of her husband, Steven Greener

Following her bittersweet exit from the Today show more than two years ago, Tamron Hall‘s world has been filled with unexpected love and joy.

In February 2017, Hall, 48, said goodbye to the NBC morning show shortly after it was announced that she would be losing her time slot to Megyn Kelly (who has since parted ways with the network).

The departure was emotional for Hall. “I leaned on my friends, my family. I cried. They weren’t pity cries; it was the reality of fear,” she tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue, on stands Friday. But the change in her schedule and priorities opened the door to finding love in more ways than one: husband Steven Greener, whom she calls her “deepest, greatest love,” and motherhood.

Tamron Hall and Steven Greener
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Here are five things to know about 51-year-old Greener.

1. He’s a music manager.

Greener works at Primary Wave as a partner, where he oversees “the music talent management that’s home to Cee Lo Green, Fantasia, Melissa Etheridge, Brandy, Cypress Hill, Eric Benét, Toots & The Maytals, and many others,” according to the company’s website.

2. They were longtime friends first.

Though the couple began dating following her exit from NBC in 2017, the pair knew one another for years before their friendship turned romantic.

“I’ve known him for many years. We would run into each other, and he’s shy, so I wasn’t clear that he was hitting on me exactly. I thought he was just being friendly,” says Hall. “When we finally started dating, I could see him clearly. When I was working, given the competitive environment I was in, you don’t always see people for who they are. Once I left, I started to have better conversations. You’re more present, and you’re not looking at your phone, not checking your email. The fear factor of ‘What’s going on with my spot? Am I going to keep this job?’ fell away, and I could really see Steven.”

While their marriage came as a surprise to fans (she told Steve Harvey in February 2017 that she had a boyfriend who worked in the “entertainment” industry), her decision to keep her romance under wraps was intentional.

“This was my deepest, greatest love, and I’d never talked about my personal life on TV. I always thought, ‘One day I’ll get married, and I don’t want my husband to have to look at old episodes of me gushing over the last guy.’ So I’ve always been very cautious. I think today, people mistake privacy for secrecy. People say he’s my ‘secret husband.’ But we were going everywhere together; it was just a private thing I needed to protect,” explains Hall. “Look, I lost my sister. [Hall’s sister, Renate, was a victim of domestic abuse and was murdered in 2004.] I know what an unhealthy, terrible relationship looks like. With Steven it is great to have this guy who is rooting me on, and he was the first person I’ve ever dated when I haven’t been on television.”

She adds: “With everyone else it became an issue because work was my real boyfriend. That was who I was dating and getting in the grind with. Steven was my first and only boyfriend who did not have to turn on the TV to see me, and I think that’s been important.”

Tamron Hall, Steven Greener
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3. He’s a first-time dad.

In early March, Hall announced that she and Greener had tied the knot and were expecting their first child together.

“I’ve wanted to share this news for many months and now finally my doctor has said I am in a safe place, at 32 weeks, to share my joy with y’all. So, it’s clear a daytime talk show isn’t the only thing I’ve been trying to produce!” joked Hall, who wore a one-shoulder white gown for the first snapshot. “There have been many tears, but today I embrace the smiles,” she continued. “My husband Steven and I are beyond excited! We’re in constant prayer, so if you pray, add us to your list; if you meditate, send calmness our way; and if you believe in luck, we’ll happily take that too.”

On April 24, the couple welcomed son Moses, who weighed 6lbs., 4 oz. The baby boy is the first child for both Hall and Greener, who never believed he would be a father.

“It’s his first child, and he also thought he would never be a dad,” Hall tells PEOPLE.

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Tamron Hall and husband Steven
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4. He’s a Yankees fan.

Since tying the knot, Hall and Greener have “tried to combine our lives,” the TV host says.

“He’s Jewish, so we had a bris here at the house,” Hall says of the Jewish ceremony of circumcision.

“My mom nearly passed out. We had both grandparents on each side there, and he’s going to Texas to have a Christening or a Confirmation at my mom’s southern Baptist church,” she adds of raising little Moses to embrace tradition from both his parents’ heritages. “We’ve just combined our life experience, and we want to teach him tradition.”

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But there’s one subject the couple doesn’t see eye-to-eye on: baseball.

“Steven wants him to be a Yankees fan. We’ll deal with that at another time because I don’t know about that, but we’ll deal with it,” she says.

5. He’s a family man.

“I’m constantly amazed by how lucky I am,” Greener tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue.

“Tamron is one of the most authentic, loving, honest, caring people I’ve ever known,” he shares. “My favorite part of marriage and fatherhood so far is realizing every day I am exactly where I was always meant to be — with my family. I am home.”

tamron hall
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She adds of her husband: “He’s an outgoing person. He’s a shy person, but he likes to stay, not in the shadows, but he likes to stay on the side and he likes to root me on.”

And while Hall could never have imagined that her life would turn out the way it has, she’s grateful that every step paved the path to where she is now.

“My story is not one I could’ve ever expected. I never thought I’d have to lose everything to gain even more,” she tells PEOPLE. “But I lost my spot and I gained a husband who roots for me, a beautiful baby boy who looks at me like I’m his entire world.”