She may have been visiting the green lands of Ireland, but Tamra Judge was seeing red on Monday's RHOC when Kelly Dodd brought up her estranged daughter

By Dave Quinn
Updated October 11, 2016 08:45 AM

She may have been visiting the green lands of Ireland, but Tamra Judge was seeing red on Monday’s all-new Real Housewives of Orange County episode.

The 49-year-old Cut Fitness owner lost her cool during a girls trip to Dublin, pushing Housewife Kelly Dodd after she made a disparaging comment about Judge’s estranged daughter, Sidney Barney.

As Judge revealed in the season 10 reunion, Sidney has been living with Judge’s ex-husband, Simon Barney, and hasn’t seen her mother in two years.

“You f—— bitch,” Judge screamed at Dodd in the off-camera altercation. “You talk about my f—— daughter and I’ll f—— kill you. What is wrong with you?”

The fight began when Judge accused Dodd of looking into Heather Dubrow‘s finances.

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“You’re a goddamn liar,” an angry Dodd shot back. “Are you out of your mind? You are really a piece of work. You’re a liar — a f—— liar. I tell the truth! Shame on you.”

Judge wasn’t exactly lying — she was just getting some of the facts twisted. Dodd had, in fact, learned that Dubrow had borrowed money to buy the land her epic new house is now built upon. Dodd just hadn’t looked for that information — she was told it by Dubrow’s loaner.

“I have a realtor friend who knows the Dubrows and she told me they couldn’t afford her lot and they had to get a loan for her,” Dodd told viewers. “Just because I got this information and relayed it doesn’t mean I was looking into her.”

The accusation only fueled Dodd’s anger. “She’s a f—— s—-stirrer and a f—— liar,” she told Shannon Beador. “Goddamn f—— liar. No wonder why her daughter doesn’t talk to her.”

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Beador stood up for Judge to Dodd, telling viewers, “The words that come out of this woman’s mouth — I can’t comprehend how her mind is working.” She then quickly told Judge about the accusation, who immediately “hit” Dodd in retaliation.

“Kelly Dodd does know know anything about my situation with my eldest daughter,” Judge explained. “This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through in my life. Life-changing pain. And for Kelly Dodd to go there is disgusting. She has no f—— idea what I’ve gone through as a mom. And for her to say that my daughter doesn’t speak to me because I’m a bad person is b——-.”

Added Judge: “I told her how painful it is, and for her to do that — to come back and throw it in my face — is f—— disgusting. She’s like Satan. She’s so evil. She’s such a piece of s—.”

Shaking and crying, Judge appeared on the edge of a nervous breakdown and Beador held her and tried to comfort her. “You’re an amazing mom and you know it,” Beador told Judge. “And [Kelly’s] a f—— moron. Don’t give her any life — don’t. She just wants to hurt people. Because she’s so f—— miserable and she’s hurting so bad. And that’s what people do — they hurt everyone around them. They go for the lowest blows they can.”


But Dodd appeared to be just as hurt. Earlier in the day, she had clashed with Dubrow after making racial comments about the 47-year-old actress and author — tied to her not being able to take a joke.

“Usually people of Jewish descent are sarcastic and they’re funny and they get jokes,” Dodd said. “They don’t take things personally. They’re funny.”

Dubrow didn’t find that comment funny. “So meaning even though I’m of Jewish decent, I’m not funny or get jokes?” she questioned Dodd, accusing her of being racist. “Apparently Jewish people are funny! I don’t know what happened to my gene pool!”

By the episode’s end, it appeared Dodd was all on her own.

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“I’ve been attacked and ostracized and no one wants to hear my side of the story,” she confessed to viewers. “My intention wasn’t to hurt Tamra. If I wanted to hurt her I would have said it right straight to Tamra’s face. I honestly feel like I’m back in grade school and these are the mean girls. I’m feeling really alone.”

She was even mad at friend Vicki Gunvalson, who choose to stay out of the argument. “I’ve always been a very good friend to Vicki,” Dodd said. “Always suck up for her. And she can’t stand up for me now? It’s b——-. I am tired of constantly defending myself. It’s really, really mean. I’ve never met girls like this in my whole entire life.”

Judge, meanwhile, was mad at herself — for giving Dodd the benefit of the doubt when she previously clashed with Dubrow and Beador.

“I have been so supportive of Kelly,” Judge said. “She has gone after every single one of my friends. I made excuses for her because I felt like she’s just somebody that’s just hurting and needs attention and needs love. But no amount of compassion or love I have for her is going to make anything different.”

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