Georgia man Corey Lewis was stopped by police for “babysitting while black" over the weekend

By Sophie T. Stern
October 10, 2018 05:20 PM

Tamera Mowry wants consequences for the woman who called the police on a black man babysitting white kids.

“I hope this woman was arrested for harassment,” Mowry, 40, said Wednesday on The Real. “She followed him for an hour! I would have cursed that woman out. I don’t like entitlement and I don’t like prejudice.”

Georgia man Corey Lewis was stopped by police for “babysitting while black” over the weekend, sparking nationwide outrage. Lewis recorded the encounter on Facebook Live when he noticed that a strange woman was following him.

“We then left to go get gas across the street,” Lewis told CBS46. “She moved closer to the gas station and waited there.”

The woman eventually called the police, and Lewis’ footage shows a Cobb County officer questioning the children. The parents were in disbelief.

CBS 46

“I said, ‘Are you saying that because there’s an African American male driving my two white kids, that he was stopped and pulled over and questioned?’ and he said, ‘I’m sorry ma’am, that’s exactly what I’m saying,” the mother told the TV station.

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“This is what happens when you don’t have black friends,” Loni Love said on The Real while introducing the segment.

“I have to say this because we’re on The Real,”Mowry said. “If it was the opposite, we all know that this would have never happened. They would have been like, “Oh look how cute! They adopted some black kids!”

All four panelists agreed that there should be consequences when people call the police for “dumb stuff.”

Love added, “We can’t go to a barbecue, we can’t sell lemonade, what the hell are we supposed to do? We are Americans, we pay taxes, we do our thing — leave us alone and let us live our life!”