The Ladies of 'The Talk' Say Season 10 Will Be 'About the Viewers': 'We Want to Give Back'

The Talk will premiere September 9th on CBS

Sheryl Underwood, Carrie Ann Inaba, Sharon Osbourne, Eve Cooper, and Marie Osmond, hosts of the CBS series THE TALK
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They’re back and better than ever!

The women of The TalkSharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood, Eve, Carrie Ann Inaba and new host Marie Osmond — are opening up about the upcoming 10th season, how it’ll be different from previous seasons, and what they’ve learned about themselves throughout their journey on the show.

“This season, we want to give back to the viewers,” Inaba, 51, exclusively tells PEOPLE. “We want to do our part and give back because we found that commodity at the table, the one thing we all love to do is help other people. Whether its through the conversations we share or sharing our own personal stories or whether it’s the actions we do. So we might be including some new segments that we’re working on.”

Season 10 will debut “Viewer Appreciation Week” with a series called “Help Me, Hosts!” Each day during premiere week, one of the hosts will team up with a viewer who has a personal story that touched them. The hosts will spend a meaningful day with each respective viewer and reunite with them live on The Talk to share their stories.

“We try to entertain people at a time when there aren’t a lot of laughs to be had,” says Osbourne, 66. “It’s a place where hopefully you’ll take a way something every day. A little thing that sparks within you. We all have problems. There’s only one list of problem. You’re either well, you’re sick, you’re depressed, you’re not depressed. There are only so many problems. We all share them. When you talk about your view of that problem, hopefully you help someone. We want a fun, safe place to be.”

Sara Gilbert. Art Streiber/CBS via Getty

Last season, longtime host and executive producer Sara Gilbert, announced she would leaving The Talk, and on Aug. 2, she made her last appearance.

“I have to figure out how to not see you everyday. I love you, and I know this is not goodbye, and I know we are going to be in each other’s lives, and I’ll make sure of that,” she said.

Stepping in? The iconic Marie Osmond.

Marie Osmond
Marie Osmond. Amy Sussman/Getty Images

“The thing that’s interesting about this show is that I’ve done every show on the planet to promote, whether it’s being on a Broadway stage or a show you’re doing, and when you can come to a set like this, it is a joy for an entertainer,” said Osmond, 59. “They all like each other and I really love them. This is not a job to me. This is hanging out and having fun and everybody is so professional. This is the nicest set of people that I have ever worked with in my life. It’s amazing. It really is a dream job. I’m hanging on to them. They know what they’re doing. There’s only one Mrs. O at this table (pointing to Sharon). I’m just going by Marie.

And since their individual journeys began on The Talk, the ladies said they’ve each learned a lot about themselves.

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“I learned that I can be vulnerable and be proud of it,” said Eve, 40.”Where I come from with music, even though I was able to write certain things, I’ve never been as vulnerable as I’ve ever been on this show — just letting go and opening up. Being on this show, we tell all of our stuff. I’ve never been this honest in this way amongst people that I didn’t really know. I didn’t think that I could be that way. I found more strength in that.”

“When you know that you have a sisterhood that’s going to back you up and support you, these are all confident woman that know who they are,” Osmond added. “Everyone goes through crap. People may tune in to see the guests, but I tuned in because I love to hear their opinions. We may not have the same opinions, but we respect each other’s opinions. I love that about this group. We don’t have to agree on everything, but we agree to love each other. You only get that from woman who know who they are.”

“People know us as celebrities, but every day you get to know us as women,” Underwood added.

Season 10 of The Talk premieres Monday at 2 p.m. ET on CBS.

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