January 15, 2015 01:50 PM

For three films, retired CIA operative Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) has been bragging about his “very particular set of skills.”

Finally, the character is being Taken to task and forced to actually list them.

In a parody trailer for Taken 4 that aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, Neeson himself joins up with Guillermo Rodriguez (Jimmy Kimmel‘s security guard-slash-sidekick) to retrieve Paco, Rodriguez’s chihuahua.

Paco was taken by Kimmel, 42, sporting a wig and an unidentifiable foreign accent.

When Neeson, 62, phones Kimmel to threaten him with his “very particular set of skills,” Kimmel wants him to get specific. “What are the skills?”

“Um, weapons training. Shooting,” Neeson hesitantly replies.

“Those are kind of the same thing. What else?” Kimmel presses.

“Juggling,” Neeson says. “Horseback riding. Origami. And I did three years of high school Spanish.”

Don’t worry, Paco gets rescued – Neeson’s skills also include a pocketful of Snausages.

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