'SYTYCD' 's Jeanine & Jason: Stars Are Born!

The game of survival on So You Think You Can Dance has begun! The talented top 10 contestants now must master multiple routines and genres each week while hoping to show enough star quality to get the votes to stick around.

And stars were born Wednesday when Jeanine and Jason, who’d both lost partners in last week’s cut, performed a sexy contemporary piece by a first-time choreographer, season 2’s Travis Wall. Dancing to “If It Kills Me” by Jason Mraz, the pair, showing plenty of skin, executed one graceful lift after another until it all culminated into a hot and dreamy kiss. After the standing ovation was over, Nigel Lythgoe told the new pair, “Both of you have really become stars tonight!”

The episode had a variety of routines, styles and choreography, with each dancer performing three times: pairs, solos and a group number.

Powerhouse salsa dancer Janette, who gave an eye-popping Miami-sexy solo, went from Brandon last week to Ade as her new partner — and the fresh pair had the funk kicked out of them (in a good way) by Tabitha and Napoleon‘s dynamite number set to “Love Sex Magic” by Ciara featuring Justin Timberlake.

Melissa got lucky again, going from Ade to Brandon. Their rock musical piece by Tyce Diorio set to “Aquarius” from the musical Hair looked a little safe, but the judges loved it.

Sadly, the stars were not aligned for Kayla and a vertically-challenged Evan, an awkward pairing (his heels helped a bit) who danced a Viennese waltz by Tony Meredith. He came off more like a little brother helping out a much sexier sibling rather than the required debonair lead. But he certainly got some votes back with a fabulous solo to Rufus Wainwright‘s “Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart.”

And then Randi (ugh, in a wig!), who had a fantastic chemistry-filled run with Evan, picked Kupono as her new partner. The judges called their paso doble awkward and mediocre, praising the choreography over the performers.

For the group numbers, Bollywood was back for the women while the men took on an African dance that lacked the synergy of the ladies’ routine. Most of the men had trouble nailing the choreography at rehearsals, but come show time — eat your heart out ’80s heartthrob Patrick Dempsey — these guys just brought back Can’t Buy Me Love‘s screamer, “The African Anteater Ritual!” — Jed Dreben

Tell us: Who was your favorite of the night? Will Evan make it through? Who is in danger of going home?Mathieu Young/FOX

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