By People Staff
Updated July 07, 2008 12:00 AM

Kourtni Lind, 18, from Forest Lake, Minn., and Matt Dorame, 22, of Glendale, Ariz., had shrugged off repeated knocks from the judges about their combined height as well as Matt’s stiffness, but after finding themselves in the bottom three for the third time in a row, the two got cut from the SYTYCD competition. The duo took some time out after the show to chat about their elimination, fielding the judges’ criticism and what’s next for them.— Jed Dreben

Matt Dorame How are you feeling now that it’s over?I’m feeling a little relived and a little excited to do something different right now and … this has been actually a really long experience. The TV show has only been on for a couple weeks but we’ve been in it since January, since the auditions start.

Why do you think you were eliminated? We didn’t really have a strong performance with our last two dances … the mambo and hip-hop … so I think that hurt us a lot. I think we’re both really great dancers and we have a lot to offer … just the competition is very stiff. I think the decision was right.

Were there times you disagreed with the judges or did you think they were pretty right on?No, I feel they were pretty right on. The judges would come talk to us after and they would tell us pretty much the underlying meaning of the critique. They were pretty right on and they just want to see you get better … they really do!

How tired did you get of Nigel calling you a stiff?Um, I wasn’t getting tired of it. I’m classically trained … so it’s hard when someone knocks you for it. But, you just take it and you use it and I tried to loosen up and did the best I could. I would have felt bad if I didn’t do anything about it … but I tried.

Where do you go from here? I have no idea. I think I’m just going to wait and see how things pan out and focus on getting an agent.

How did it feel to be eliminated with your partner? It would have been nice to see her go on because she is an amazing dancer and she could have gone even further. But, I’m glad I had someone that I’ve been with the whole time and it’s kind of comforting … I don’t want her to go but, I’m glad she went with me.

Kourtni Lind How are you feeling now that it’s over?I’m very much at peace with it, actually. I wouldn’t have been a week ago. For the first few weeks I was kind of stuck in this, like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m on TV!’ I was not finding the joy in it like I should have been and so I started just really enjoying the fact that I was dancing every single day and being exposed to choreographers.

Who did you become the closest with over the course of the show?Well, my roommate Courtney Galiano, and so I’m going to miss her dearly … but everybody, really. We weren’t clique-y. It’s really hard that I have to leave them all now, but I’ll see them in a month at the finale … it’s cool.

How did it feel when Nigel said he really cared about this group and it was a tougher decision than ever before?Um, when he said that I kind of felt like I was going to go home.

Why? Because he’s been pulling for me the whole time, and I know that he has liked me throughout the competition. I was almost positive in my head that I was in the bottom three and so I was super prepared to do a solo … so that was good.

First thing you want to do now that you’re going back to civilization?I want to sleep and spend time with friends and family and go take class … I can’t wait to go to class. Like we’ve been in this bubble for like a month and I’m anxious to see, to remember that there’s like real outside.

What was the best part of the experience and what would you have done differently? I would not have done anything differently. I have absolutely no regrets throughout this and I feel like I represented myself to the best of my ability. And I feel really good about that. As far as the best experience… really the opportunity to share my gift with America and … have the exposure that I’ve had. That was my goal, so I’m happy with that.

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