'SYTYCD' : Headed to Vegas!

Milwaukee hosted the final round of auditions on the fourth season of So You Think You Can Dance on Wednesday’s episode, and 23 contestants were added to the Las Vegas round, where, from the 200 who made it, the Top 20 will be chosen. Who will make the cut? –Jed Dreben

Here are the highlights:

• Rebecca Hart didn’t make it to Vegas after auditioning in Los Angeles — she was told she was too “competition-like” — so the 19-year-old decided to try her luck in Milwaukee and managed to calm down her routine and got a smooth ride to Vegas.

• Michael Kim (pictured left) was cut down in season two while trying to dance Mary’s salsa in Vegas when it was actually a samba. Back again and raring to go with his own Industrial Revolution, a machine-like Kim, 21, popped his way to another chance in Vegas.

• Susie Garcia, the sassy 24-year-old from Miami, revved up her engines just enough to make it through to the choreography round. But once there, she turned the heat up all the way up, landing her a shot at the Top 20.

Now 18, Kourtni Lind, an ambitious blonde who graduated high school at 16, wowed the judges with her strong moves and gorgeous style, using a spoken word dance routine that screamed “Vegas!” Her message was received loud and clear.

Best friends, roommates and workout partners Katee Shean, 19, and Natalie Reid, 22, were hoping to ride to the desert together and their wish was granted by the judges granted the pals two tickets to Vegas.

• Yesenia Gomez made it to Vegas last season but not into the Top 20. This year, she came back 50 lbs. lighter and ready to pop her way right back so Sin City. Sadly, a knee injury prevented her from moving through. With tears in his eyes, her close friend and fellow dancer, Philip Courter, 20, picked up the torch and wowed the judges with his fantastically fun popping moves, and is headed to Vegas.

And the lowlights:

Victor Campos, 29, had everyone, including Nigel, asking, “Who was that masked man?” as he danced his “silly pop” in a Zorro costume.

• Ashley Henry (pictured right), one of the most colorful and charismatic performers of this season, stole the judges’ hearts with her spunk and her “choreography grubbing.” But the 25-year-old didn’t have what it took to make it through.

• James Davis used a team of choreographers to prepare him for the SYTYCD stage. Clad in jeans, the 25-year-old danced to Robert Palmer‘s “Simply Irresistible,” which was more of a homage to the ’70s and ’80s moves of John Travolta and Kevin Bacon.

• Tom Kozal, the 24-year-old earless goat farmer from Fremont, Mich., rocked, bopped and flopped his way right back to the fields where his hearing impaired livestock were waiting.

• Hao Hou, 27, left the judges looking for answers: Why the music? Why the dance? And why the caveman costume? But the final question from Nigel Lythgoe: Was the outfit from Mary Murphy‘s closet?

Tell us: Who are your favorite dancers? Who will make the Top 20?

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