'SYTYCD' : Favorites Janette & Jason Eliminated

Photo: Kelsey McNeal/FOX(2)

Hard work and the luck of the choreographer draw made all the difference on So You Think You Can Dance‘s results show Thursday with Ade and Melissa securing spots in the top six, while judges’ favorite Janette Manrara, the sexy salsa dancer out of Miami, and fan favorite Jason Glover, the lyrical/contemporary dancer from Fresno, Calif., were sent home.

Losing Janette “ruined my 100th celebration,” Nigel Lythgoe told PEOPLE after the show’s 100th episode, agreeing that Melissa and Ade’s heart-stopping rendition of Tyce Diorio‘s moving tribute to the ongoing battle of women and breast cancer “certainly skewed the results.”

Mia Michaels, who called Janette her favorite of the season, also agreed that losing her “was awful.”

But even Melissa admitted that their amazing routine “saved us, I think,” while Ade, who has had his ups and downs with the voting — and just barely survived the bottom two last week — was shocked by the reaction to the history-making performance. “I didn’t think it was going to be as big as it was,” he said. “Looking out in the audience and seeing everyone wiping tears and it was amazing.”

Kayla, who was in the bottom two alongside Janette, said she was “terrified” knowing “how amazing Janette is and how many absolutely adore her.”

She added: “I went backstage and I was like, ‘I think I might be going home.’ I was really preparing myself for that, and the fact that I didn’t, I was so shocked and so grateful.”

Fellow survivors Jeanine and Evan said they were both tired but feeling “pretty good” going into next week.

The show marked the 100th episode of So You Think You Can Dance, which showcased a special performance from Katie Holmes for the Dizzy Feet Foundation, as well as three of past season’s favorite routines and former dancers, including Wade Robson‘s “The Humming Bird and The Flower” danced by Hok Konishi and Jaimie Goodwin, and Mia Michaels‘s Emmy-wining “The Bench,” danced by Travis Wall and Heidi Groskreutz. — Jed Dreben

Tell us: Were you surprised by the results? Did the SYTYCD voters get it right? Will you miss Janette and Jason?Kelsey McNeal/FOX(2)

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