July 25, 2008 12:00 AM

With six U.S. cities, tens of thousands of auditions and only 200 dancers making it to Vegas, it was now down to just eight finalists–and America had the difficult task of deciding who would be heading home on last night’s SYTYCD results show.

On the girls’ side, Comfort Fedoke, who had (barely) been getting by, was voted off–this time for good. As for the guys, it came down to two surprising competitors–Stephen ‘Twitch’ Boss and Will Wingfield, with the latter being edged out of the competition.

After a group dance routine, Cat Deeley got down to the results, bringing the dancers onstage, first watch a nostalgic video of their journey and then learn their fate. The first to be relegated to the bottom was consistent favorite Will, who was later joined by Comfort, Stephen and Courtney Galiano.

Before the bottom four danced their solos, dancers from the L.A. Ballet showcased their moves. Then, legendary rap icon LL Cool J treated the audience to a performance of his catchy new single, “Baby.” Then it was back to eliminations. Comfort was the first to learn she would be leaving the show for a second time. Having been in this position before, she jokingly quipped, “Again?” Then, in the surprise of the night, Will was voted off.

“Bone-crushing to me,” an emotional Mary Murphy told PEOPLE after the show. “Will has been our most technical fabulous dancer that we’ve had on the show, and I just think that maybe he got his personality just a little bit too late.”

Comfort, one of the most talented female hip-hop dancers on the show, took her elimination in stride, humbly telling the audience, “I’m just taking it for what it’s worth every single day.”

Meanwhile, Will used his time at the mic to give a pep talk to all aspiring dancers. “All the dancers out there that are working their butts off, this is possible,” he said. “There is no depth to the ocean … keep swimming. You guys can make it happen.” –Jed Dreben

Evan Agostini/AP

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