Sweet Home Sextuplets Supertease: The Waldrops Defend Putting Kids in Harnesses at the Park

"If she has to be responsible for six toddlers, then she can have an opinion on it," Eric Waldrop says of a woman who complained to the couple

The Sweet Home Sextuplets have officially hit the "terrible twos."

In PEOPLE's exclusive season 3 supertease, Eric and Courtney Waldrop have their handles full as their sextuplets Blu, Layke, Rawlings, Rayne, Rivers and Tag begin to wreak havoc around the house — and onto each other.

"The babies are not even 2 yet," Eric says. "And we are already in the trenches of terrible twos."

When Courtney puts the kids in harnesses so it's easier to "keep up with them," she knows she's exposing herself to public scrutiny.

"I know that harnesses are very controversial," she says. "People feel like a leash is for dogs."

Sure enough, the clip teases a confrontation with a stranger at the park.

"If she has to be responsible for six toddlers, then she can have an opinion on it," Eric says of the woman's complaint. "Until then, she doesn't need to have one."


Making matters even more complicated, major home renovations are underway for the couple, also parents to sons Saylor, Wales and Bridge. They consider moving into a 1,500 square-foot mobile home during the process — a substantially smaller space for the supersized family. And as evidenced by the supertease, potty training six babies on portable potties is no small feat.

"Nothing goes as planned," Eric says with a sigh. "Nothing can be simple."

"You think we're going to survive in this mobile home for four months?" Courtney asks.

"Well, you got us in this mess, girl," Eric replies. "You're gonna have to figure it out."

Season 3 of Sweet Home Sextuplets premieres June 16 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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