The financial advisor reveals that finding her soulmate was her greatest dream

By Ale Russian
November 10, 2016 02:28 PM

For financial guru Suze Orman, nothing is better than finding her soulmate.

The financial advisor and TV personality opens up about falling in love with wife Kathy Travis later in life on this Saturday’s Oprah’s Where Are They Now?

“I grew up in a family that had lost their money, had lost everything and I learned that anything and everything was possible,” Orman, 65, says in and exclusive sneak peek. “When you talk about dreams — money, private island, whatever it may be — the greatest dream that I think any and all of us have is, ‘Will we ever find our soulmate?’ ”

“I found KT at the age of 50, that was 15 years ago,” the advisor proudly says about Travis. “KT is truly the light of my life. She keeps me going in ways that I never thought.”

Though they met 15 years ago, the couple married in 2010 and have been happy ever since, with the book author saying that “the greatest joy was when we got married.”

And although she’s known for giving financial advice on ways to save and protect your money, Orman admits that it means nothing to her when up against the love of her life.

“If you asked me the question, ‘You can keep all your money, or you can keep KT? You can’t keep both.’ Bye bye, money!” Orman says. “Money I can always make again. Will I ever find another KT? Never.”

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