Courteney Cox recently threw a star-studded Fourth of July bash at her Malibu home

Suzanne Somers has a great group of friends to hang out with in Malibu, California.

On the Fourth of July, Friends star Courteney Cox shared a selfie seen around the Internet, featuring Somers, her fellow Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston, Big Little Lies actress Laura Dern, jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer and actress Amanda Anka.

“Happy 4th everyone! I’m lucky to be spending it with so many girls that I love ♥️,” Cox, 55, captioned the photo.

PEOPLE recently caught up with Somers, who’s currently promoting the latest beauty launches to her Suzanne Organics brand, and the star spilled all the details about their fun girls’ night.

“Courteney is one of my neighbors in Malibu and she hosts these wonderful, wonderful Sunday dinners,” Somers, 72, told PEOPLE. “They’re outside, we all sit around the fire pit and she’s got a chef in the outdoor kitchen that makes these incredible gluten-free pizzas and all these great vegetable salads and things.”

The Fourth of July didn’t mark their first hangout. “Courteney Cox is one of the great gatherers of people,” Somers adderd. “She has people from all ages — really, really young to quite old and everything in between.”

And Somers loves that she can pass down her wellness and anti-aging tips to Cox and her close friends.

“They’re at an age where they want to pick my brain about hormones and everything,” she says about Cox’s “core” group, which include the ladies pictured in the viral selfie. “I love all those girls. I love them.”

In fact, Somers has known Amanda Anka, daughter of singer Paul Anka and wife of actor Jason Bateman, since she was a baby.

“I met Amanda on her father’s television special – the Paul Anka special in Monte Carlo – the two guest stars were Suzanne Somers and Donna Summer and we had such a good time,” Somers recalls. “I used to hold Amanda — she was a little baby! So here I am hanging out with her — she’s just the coolest chick ever.”