Credit: Carolyn Contino/BEImages

With a season already full of stars ranging from Britney Spears to Javier Bardem, it’s only a question of who will be the next Gleek. And with rumors already buzzing about an episode of Glee devoted to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, will Susan Sarandon be making an appearance in tribute to the 35-year-old cult classic in which she costarred?

“Depending on what they wanted me to do,” the Oscar winner, 63, told PEOPLE at Wednesday night’s SPiN New York “Ping Pong With The Models” Event to Benefit Haiti. “I’m not really a singer, so I wouldn’t be very out there. I’m a terrible singer. But I’m flattered they want to do it.”

And while Sarandon admits she was only recently introduced to the FOX show, she has certainly become a fan. “I don’t really have a TV, but when I was on location in New Orleans, I saw it and I was very moved and I thought it was really well done and fun. I liked it,” she says, adding, “I can’t say I’ve seen a lot of the episodes. I’ll wait for the boxed set.”

In the meantime, it seems the Glee cast is becoming a fan of hers – and her popular ping-pong club. “[Glee] just did their premiere party in Los Angeles, and they used SPiN to do it,” she says. “They called us because they wanted ping pong at it!”