Their version reveals the post-cliff argument Thelma and Louise got into

By Alex Heigl
May 13, 2015 08:30 AM

The ending to Thelma & Louise is one of the most iconic film climaxes of all time, which means, almost 25 years on, it’s ripe for a parody.

And that’s exactly what James Corden and Susan Sarandon did on The Late Late Show Tuesday night, with Corden taking over Geena Davis‘s role in the passenger seat.

“I just kept going,” Sarandon-as-Louise explains to Corden’s Thelma while their Ford Thunderbird is in free fall. “It was a metaphor, Louise,” an exasperated Corden/Thelma explains.

The clip adds to the pile of viral Thelma & Louise content, like Sarandon and Jimmy Kimmel’s recreation of the film’s selfie last July and Sarandon and Geena’s own updated selfie last June.

So when’s Brad Pitt gonna reenact his scene from the film with Jimmy Fallon in a wig? Only time will tell.