Susan Boyle Loves Hollywood, Donny Osmond


Less than 24 hours after Susan Boyle performed on Dancing With the Stars, the soundstage was still buzzing with excitement over the 48-year-old Scottish singing sensation’s impeccable vocals on the Les Miserables classic “I Dreamed a Dream.” Boyle tells PEOPLE her Dancing experience was “very exciting.” Best of all, she giddily admits, “I’ve met my hero, Donny Osmond.”

Starstruck? You bet.

“It is quite something to be in Hollywood,” she explains. “This is a world I’ve never seen before and never dreamt that I would get to see.”

Boyle’s journey from humble, rural beginnings in Scotland to the bright lights of Hollywood has been “quite something,” she says. “Nothing a woman like me was used to. I have found Americans to be incredibly warm and friendly and very open.”

And eager to get their hands on more of Boyle’s music! Her debut album, which won’t be released until Nov. 23, is already a bestseller. It is at the top of’s music charts, outpacing Whitney Houston‘s latest effort in presale orders.

But Boyle says she isn’t as focused on record sales as other artists, because she’s happy to be enjoying the ride — and “the glorious weather!” — of Tinsel Town. Since arriving, “I have been recording footage for my TV special, which airs in December. I have also visited Universal Studios.”

Her stay in the U.S. is a brief one, but Boyle is already looking forward to her next trip across the pond. “Everyone is so wonderful to me,” she says. “I can ‘t wait to come back and visit again.” –Monica Rizzo

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