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May 13, 2015 06:00 PM

As Survivor: Worlds Apart heads into its penultimate episode on Wednesday night, Tyler Fredrickson is out of the running for the million dollar prize.

Fredrickson, who was perhaps the nicest person in his alliance, was voted out of the game last week. The other contestants saw him as a threat.

The 34-year-old from Los Angeles tells PEOPLE what went wrong – and weighs in on the controversial season.

So you were voted off by your own alliance. Did you know it was coming?
I didn’t. I thought it would be Dan. I thought some of us would vote for Dan, and others would vote for Mike.

You knew that four votes – the ones for Mike – would not count. Do you wish you hadn’t been one of those four votes?
Absolutely! I should have voted for Dan and then had some level of control. But you never know when you’re out there; you have to put trust in your alliance, and I trusted them.

Carolyn was your closest ally, and she stabbed you in the back!
She did! She’s really playing the game hard. She decided to get rid of me when she could.

Did you try pleading your case? With you gone, an immunity run for Mike seems more likely.
I thought about that, but I didn’t bring that up. I didn’t want to remind people that I could win immunities. I don’t know that it would have helped.

A lot of your game wasn’t shown. Do you think you got a bad edit?
I didn’t get a bad edit, but I was aligned with a lot of people who had negative edits. That was intentional; I wanted to go to the end with the people who were the most negative. I wanted to be with people who I thought would be pretty easy to manipulate. That was my strategy to win the game.

That makes sense. But watching the show, there are a lot of unlikeable people left. What was it like in real life?
There were a lot of good moments, too. I chose to align with Will and Rodney because I didn’t want to be with the No Collars.

I want to give you a chance to address something that Shirin told PEOPLE when she was voted off. She said that you were condescending to the girls and told them to ‘just sit there and look pretty.’
Yeah. This will sound like spin, but it really isn’t. I meant it as a compliment. I said it after we had finally gotten fire and water. Shirin was sitting there and asked what she could do. I said, ‘just sit there and look pretty.’ What I mean was ‘Things are rocking. Everything’s good. Just relax. Sit there and look pretty.’ I didn’t mean it to be condescending or sexist.

This season seems to have a lot of issues about sexism and abuse.
It does. It’s a complicated issue, and there are better people than me who can work through it. I do like that Shirin is raising awareness; that’s a good thing. But it’s important for me to say that I’m not a sexist.

Shirin also said that you walked her into that ugly confrontation with Will a few weeks back.
Yes. I’d like to explain that. How could I know that Will was going to go that far? I didn’t know, and I did tell him that he needed to apologize to her afterwards.

Let me tell you how it happened. I was on the beach with Shirin when Will and Rodney brought the box back into camp. Shirin had questioned him about whether he was hiding food. She loved to get her hands dirty, which was part of the reason why I didn’t want to align with her.

So we hear this yelling. Will wanted everyone to come back to camp so he could confront them. So we went up there. Jen hid in her cave, Mike went behind a tree, so Shirin had to face Will alone. It got heated, but Shirin gave it back, as well. Again, I had no idea that it would get so ugly or personal.

Shirin and I have since talked about this, and we’re good now. But it happened, and it’s unfortunate that it did.

All that said, were there good moments out there?
[Laughs] Are you kidding? Most of the moments out there were good moments. We were playing Survivor! I hope that the bad moments didn’t overshadow what an amazing experience it was.

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Survivor: Worlds Apart airs Wednesdays (8 p.m. ET) on CBS.

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