'Survivor' 's Ozzy: Still TheMan

Photo: Monthy Brinton

Another week, another double elimination. While things look grim for the struggling Malakal team — losing three straight immunity challenges in a row — living isn’t so easy at Airai camp either. A monsoon storm sweeps through the islands, spelling wet misery for the cave-dwelling tribe. Although it looked like the ladies could just tuck in under James‘s abs for shelter, everyone opts to brave the cave and sleep with bats, rats, and occasional prehistoric insect. Super fan Kathy has the worst time of it, coming down with a severe case of homesickness. “I can’t feel my family,” she repeats to her worried tribe-mates. Jeff Probst was summoned to play psychiatrist, but Kathy ultimately packs up for the mainland.

Meanwhile Ozzy and his boy-wonder sidekick Erik engage in some male bonding. The Michigan student would follow his Favorite anywhere and this week, that put them both up a tree. As the two Malakal guys chopped down coconuts, which one of the following quotes did Cirie not use to describe their relationship?

• “Erik and Ozzy are like the Lion King — where the father is teaching the cub.”

• “Those two are like Batman and Robin.”

• “Everytime he says Ozzy’s name, it’s like stardust comes out of his mouth.”

• “I think If Ozzy were to propose marriage to Erik right now: done deal.”

Cirie never said that the Fan and Favorite were like Batman and Robin. Survivor fans know that Ozzy is more like Aquaman.

And, it certainly looked like there would be some hot action between Ozzy and Amanda this week. But after the Ariai team won the Herbal Essences challenge, earning them a hot shower, someone else got in on it. “It was a couple pairs of boobs and Ozzy’s head smack dab in the middle,” says Cirie from the sidelines, as Ami and Amanda made an Ozzy sandwich.

Tell us: Is Ozzy going to win Survivor: Micronesia?

Monthy Brinton

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