'Survivor' 's Mikey: Rooting for theFavorites

Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS

The fans lost another player on Survivor: Micronesia Thursday when Mikey B. was voted off the island after getting outplayed by Tracy and Joel while trying to get Chet voted off. PEOPLE talked with the tattooed contestant to find out why he’s now rooting for his former rivals, the favorites.

So what happened?I played with a bunch of morons, I guess you could say. They got mesmerized by a meat head. Everybody believed Joel. He somehow convinced everybody to vote me out. I still don’t get it.

Did you ever think Tracy was going to put your name out there to get you out? Yeah, of course. Why wouldn’t she? She was the only one with half of a strategy between Chet and Kathy. Her back was against the wall so why not? There was one scene, that they didn’t show, where Joel pulled me aside and said Tracy was telling them I was scamming to get him out. I was like, Hello, dude, have you ever watched the show?” Of course she’s going to say that! Then I walk over to Tracy and said, “Have I ever come to you and tried to influence you to get rid of Joel?” She said no, which I appreciated her saying.

Well moving forward with it, can you see Tracy overpowering Joel for the leadership role?Yeah, why not? It took her three days to tell us that she builds houses. She watched us assemble and dismantle about 35 shelters before she decided to participate. Very interesting. That was unacceptable to me.

Was building a shelter a lot harder than you thought it would be?Building the shelter was a lot harder. I was mentally prepared to sleep in the rain the entire time. It bothers you when you’re wet and shivering for 12 hours, but I was mentally prepared to go without the luxuries.

How much weight did you loose while out there?I lost 12 lbs. That’s another thing I was pissed about. I was like “Come on, I can’t even get skinny yet. Give me at least eight episodes to get lean!”

Did you have any physical problems before you left?My body was really cut up. I guess I have sensitive skin because I was torn apart. My feet were all blistered. All of our feet were really swollen.

Do you have any new tattoos since the show ended?I finished a little bit of my back … I got a chimney on my lower back and the smoke’s coming out and the smoke I have turn into clouds. I have a little airplane flying through the clouds, heading over to the continents that are on my left arm.

Is that connected to the show at all?A while back I did those boxes with the check marks representing all of the continents because I want to visit all of them. So the tattoo all ties in together, but it has nothing to do with Micronesia.

Will you continue to watch the show?Yeah, I’m still a fan! I gotta watch the destruction of my pathetic teammates. I’m just rooting for all of them to go down one by one.

So now you want the favs to win?Yeah. Except for Jason. He was the only one who stayed true to me. Everybody else can beat it. Monty Brinton/CBS

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